Simple Dinner with friends

Just met up with Fala and Yingseah. We have a really simple yet delicious dinner. It’s Mos Burger! We hardly meet up since we are all busy with our job, especially me, someone without a boyfriend, seems to be busier than those who have one. ‘What am I busy with?’ HAHA!

But I really love how comfortable we are with each other that we can talked (okay, gossip LOL) about everything under the sun. It remind me of how fun our poly life, as well as the recent JB trip were. We spent 3 nights, with instant noodle, with mask and of cos, girls’ talk. It’s so fun, we should have a short short trip soon! Provided, I will have stable income by then. Good Luck to me!

Speaking of our poly life. I remember we did a few project together. It’s pretty fun despite how clueless we are… ^^ We got to do a 3D project with a software we have no idea with, and only got this software on our 10th week of FYP. So, it’s really something very new for us, and our result wasn’t very ideal. But we do have our fun ^^




Friends that hardly meet doesn’t mean losing contact, with the latest technology – Mobile Broadband & Smart Phone, everything seems so much easier… Hey friends, whatapps me when you miss me okay? ^^

I have also shared some stuff from my side, and understand from Fala if she ever interested to join my company (that’s a big joke! Haha) Of cos, my company was not so bad, and pretty good for a fresh graduate *keke*

though, it might sound a little unplanned, unlike what I’m always is…. I’m giving myself a good excuse to rest and get prepared for the unexpected great future ^^ I shall tell more about it in the next entry…

Till then, Take Care & See you!



  1. Mavis

    Annyeong! I miss life as a poly student too! :) I’m starting work soon. Always say you won’t see me in office wear and stuck on a desk… but hahahah. I’ll go with an open mind! :D I’m looking forward to it actually! Let’s jia you together! Endure a couple of weeks more and you’ll be able to go to the real SK – South Korea! :))

  2. 슈퍼스타

    annyeong! ^^ hee, so soon, when is your first day? hehe! just give it a try and you never know… it’s your first job after NUS ma, just see and you will know what you want hee. eh, yup! hehe happy. i shal see you soon, either before that or after keke, quite busy recently lol

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