Friday, Friday…

During school days, I really hate school/public holiday! I love to go to school, enjoy myself attending lectures, tutorials and of cos, all the activities I have participated in school. I am really very active during my poly days. I joined almost everything in school, from Singapore National Day, IT School Open House, TP Open House as well. These 3 are the major events that I attended from year 1 – 3. I make  a lot of friends along the way, though that might sound more like acquaintances to you, but at least, I really enjoyed myself during my poly life. Or maybe, I ‘made’ it happen this way… While all my friends are busy playing and enjoying themselves during their school break, I went to school to study a 3-point CDS subject – Psychology of Creativity. I just simply hate school/public holiday!

But, things have changed. Once I started working, I appreciate PH so much! Other than, Pay day, Saturday, Sunday & my birthday, the next happiest day will be Public Holiday. It really gave me a great difference, I probably uses this day to hang out with my friends or just stayed at home doing random stuff or maybe just doing nothing. It is a day, I have freedom to do anything without being ‘spy’. I really love and appreciate PH so much now.

& It’s Good Friday today! Happy Easter Day everyone!

I met Joanne for brunch at Marine Square and check out camera at Cathay Photo. I love to see stuff like camera, laptop, those gadget stuff, I don’t know why but I think it is just so boyish…! I thought girls should love to see dress, clothes, accessories, heels, bags and stuff. Of cos, I do like looking at cute lovely stuff too, but, I love gadget as well, it is just not so feminine.

We ate at Pizza Hut, the menu have more variety and, we ordered everything except pizza. Ironic right? I mean, if we are at a place that make good pizza, we should eat their speciality? But, the food we ordered are good as well 🙂




And lovely Joanne got me a perfume. I was just checking out the perfume yesterday! Seriously, I’m not a fan of perfume and I don’t use it actually, but I really think that, if a girl wear perfume, it does make a different. That’s the reason why I’m checking out the perfume yesterday. (Just outside my office, there’s a new stall selling really cheap and branded perfume, and my colleagues are testing and buying from them)


And, coincidentally, JGS had one of his event today… Though the event might start at 7, I thought it is normal to see queue at 12. I remember, for 2AM fan sign at IMM, Joanne Stacey and me actually reached at 7am for a 6pm showcase, to our surprise, people had already queued overnight. Just when we are really curious and shock, bb 언니 told us that, JGS flight was on the day itself, and probably fans went to fetch him… 😉


Mummy is a fan of JGS, before she format her iPhone, she had photos/songs/videos of him in her phone. I really think the popularity JGS have now, is all because of ‘You Are Beautiful’. Besides being so skinny, looking rather feminine and having really thick and heavy eye liner, I guess, the credit all goes to his role. Remember there’s this scene where he actually did a ‘Pig-Rabbit’ for the MinNan? and, as the story goes on from a cold-blooded idol to someone who is funny and stupid for MinNan. My mum actually watched quite a few Korean Drama, but this is probably the only one that she watched, and laughed.

After brunch, we met Cin at ION Coffee Bean, for Jungmin’s repackage album collection. I really love JM’s latest album. Not only every single song is different, the packaging is nicer, and photo book are really impressive. (I’m referring to the effort of taking those photos) This album have extra 2 songs which I thought is really extremely different, totally different genre. I’m sure even you are not his fan, at least one of his songs definitely attracts you.

We are thinking, maybe ‘Green Peas’ who came to collect the albums might not recognize us, so this is what make ourselves outstanding in the cafe.


Well, ION Coffee Bean’s staff attitude wasn’t very nice. They mentioned that the crowd is coming and proposed that, if we can use 1 table instead. I told him that we will be leaving in an hour time, and we actually bought your drinks as well. He asked, if we can make it 30mins? How can you chase off your customers like that? At the same time, there was 2 girls with shopping bags, sitting 2 tables (w 4chairs). I thought, he should be telling them instead of us. We left after 10mins, with unfinished drink. I understand that, the crowd is coming, and totally understand that you wanted the seat for others. But, we are your customers as well, and is it right to chase your customers away? I’m not sure if we are going back again, but the experiences wasn’t great.

Since we are meeting the rest at Red Pig, we headed to Tanjong Pagar first, probably Tom & Toms, where there’s plug and wifi. It seems to be exam period, where T&T was totally packed with no table for us, not even a tiny small round table. I suggested maybe we can go ‘Once upon a milkshake’. I tried there twice, and remember it wasn’t that bad, actually, i love that environment more than their drinks.



Okay, I just remembered, the drink is just TOO sweet. Actually their milkshake is made of Ice Cream~

Headed to Red Pig shortly. It’s been really long since I ate Red Pig. I really recommend this place because, their side dishes are really good, their marinated pork taste so good. Sometimes i do wonder if any people just come in and order a rice/soup just for their side dish. We just smell like RED PIG after that 😉


And McDonald for a short chat.

I shared this Rebecca Black’s Friday video with Emily, Cin and Joanne. She is a young lady, or should I say she is just a little 13-year-old girl. She actually gained ‘International Fame’ because of her song – Friday. Her viewers actually exceed 1 millions, to be exact, 116,109,529 viewers with 2,319,383 dislikes. She had quite a lot of negative critics, and there’s lot of discussion on her on twitters/FB as well. But surprisingly, she have supporters like Chris Brown and Lady Gaga.

Rebecca Black’s Friday (Chorus) Lyric.

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday, Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend


Lyrics wasn’t fantastic but, it is true that ‘Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend!”

I have to confess, I always thought McDonald spelled as MacDonald instead… 😛 I don’t know why… Anyway, we have more or less finalize some of the stuff, we just need to put it into the excel and printed it out 🙂 As the day is drawing near, I’m feeling really excited. I’m sure you are feeling excited too ^__^ Joanne, I know you are, don’t deny! 😛

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