What's next?

I’m a Graphic Designer.

I have a complicated relationship with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. But I still love them. Somehow, they are already part of my life. I enjoy and love doing it. If you ask me, I seriously have no idea, what can i do next, or rather, what I like to do next. I will probably choose a job that is at least 50% related to Design. Somehow, I won’t and don’t wish to stay away from the Design field, which I enjoy and love to do πŸ™‚

Of cos, there’s a lot of job opportunities in Singapore. There’s auditors, copywriter, admin, account executives, sales, marketing, financial consultants, insurance consultants and many more. But, what is the one that you like and wish for?

I don’t have much ambition or target in my life. I just want to earn enough money for living and lead a comfortable happy life will do. I’m simple, as long my pay allowed me to pay for the entire household and bills, bringing my parent for an oversea trip every year. It’s really enough (a little toooooo greedy!) ^^ To be frank, as long, my family stay healthy, and there’s no worries on daily necessities, I will be happy, and that’s enough.

This is what I actually thought of…..

1. DJ (that’s hard, but ya)
2. GraphicDesigner in a Radio Station
3. Promo/Marketing Exe in Radio Station
4. Graphic Designer in a Event Company
5. Promo/Marketing Exe in Event Company
6. Graphic Designer in a Media Company
7. Graphic Designer in a Korean Company
8. Graphic Designer in Tourism Industry

Okay, this is what I have thought of for the past 1 year πŸ™‚ And, this is what I’m working toward to.

Good Luck to me.

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  • JIAYOU! You can do it for whichever you want to! Just do things that you’re really interested in alright! All the best my unnie! ^^

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