YK, Take Care and Be Strong!

I just attend a close friend’s mom wake. This came a little unexpected, as we just saw his mom few months back. Life is so fragile and it’s unpredictable. We should cherish what we have now, and understand that, this is something everyone will go thru one day. Don’t do thing that you will regret for the rest of your life. Treat your parent nice and be grateful that, they are the one that bring you up, giving you whatever they can 🙂 要多多孝顺您的爸爸妈妈!

This closed friend of ours, have always been a great help and joy of our group. I knew him since we are only 13. And, he was my home economic partner, thus, I always have lots of laughter and okay bully him to wash all the plates and stuff. And since sec1, he always welcome us to his place during CNY. There’s once, Teng, Lynn and me was so early at school that we have nothing to do (it’s was afternoon session for me during sec1). We actually went over his place and chit-chat hee… This was just one of the memories.

My group of secondary school friends have eventually went to different JC and Poly. Yet, we still have our regular meet up or at least once in a while; CNY gathering at his place. Even, during their NS and now, working adults…. We have gone to his place to 拜年!  We always have known his mom, and of cos, his mom knew us too (he told us, either by name or by height keke). This 12 years friendship…. also represent how long we have known his mom too… Hence, when we all knew, we are really got a shock…. But, since it happen, I hope, we can always be there for him, when he needs his friends 🙂

Auntie, 一路好走.

We all can see, how sad and upset, YK was. And, all that we can do is to cheer him up. YK, if there’s any help or anything, do let us know 😉 I shall see you soon this coming Wednesday. Cheer up. Be Strong! 🙂

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