[Sneak Preview] So Fun Seoul Fun~

I have been figuring out to share with you my 25 days experience, and got stuck. and, I thought, maybe I can share some photos first? I have been missing and loving my 25 days experience, and I am very sure you can’t wait as well :)

(I have been talking about Korea Korea and Korea while meeting my friends from primary school, secondary school and even poly, please don’t get sick of me! I’m having major withdrawal especially, when i take the train HAHA! It seriously doesn’t feel like home anymore!) 

My 25 days in Korea, my longest trip, my most unexpected fun trip… Thank you everyone.

My Partner-in-crime – Joanne! We jet off together from this sunny island to the kimchi land :)

Road side food! Everywhere is heaven in Korea~

Good View from our Hotel, Busan. Clear Pretty water! And, it’s COLD! :D

one of the most anticipating concert in korea – Dream Conccert.
Looking at the huge crowd, this concert is not to be missed! :)

My birthday cake – a full ice cream cake.
I never thought, chocolate ice cream can be this nice! Thank you everyone for the surprises~ :D

It’s raining, and we need somewhere to dry our clothes! haha :)

GOOD VIEW from Lotte Hotel, Jeju

Secret Garden. The chair where hyunbin sat before…. :)

This really got us very excited! SS501 HUGE poster!

I guess this is one of the most worth showcase i been to.
Break Down Kim Hyun Joong Showcase. Daebak! :)

Queuing, and checking our number for Music Show. (@KBS)

Number given (25 is rather in front! haha!) and, the Fanchant for Break Down.This is at MBC, and it’s really far for us~

Yummy ANDONG Chicken at Seven’s Shop!

Our last meal with Miyo at Jaksal! It’s really delicious.
Shall we have our next meal there? :P

The LIVE octopus! Finally experience it on our last night!


Goodbye Korea, See you again! ^^



  1. 슈퍼스타

    Hi Hi Beverly ^^ hehe~ really! that’s great ;) I’m quite lucky this trip and been to quite a few showcase/tv show and concert~ and yes yes! i will continue to blog this fun trip out hehe~ ^^ I want to go back again~ hehe~ Hello beverly’s sister ^^ (Me think you all really look alike, and I’m also looking forward to your Taiwan trip! ^^)

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