Photoshop & Photoshop :D

August 1st always had been a very special day for me. This special day, is the day I got my driving license :D It’s a happy happy moment! And, because of this special day, something is boiling right here in this blog… And…….. So…..


So, on this special day, I going to blog about my first day in korea. So, that’s explain the title of this post :) Not exactly photoshop-ing, because, I don’t really think there’s a need for me to photoshop my face to be smaller, eyes bigger etc, because, I am simply lazy, and I do not have this practice as well :P So, to be exact, I am actually watermarking my photos right now :D Even, I can’t wait for my entry to be posted up!

Shout Yes, if you feel excited about my day 1 :)

// gone was the monday blue :)


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