Interviews and Interviews

It’s been 3 weeks since I’m back from Korea. This also show that how long i have been jobless. This might not be really really a long period of time, but for someone who have been working non-stop for the past 5 years, 5 days are consider too much.

I know, I am a little worried, or maybe you can say I’m over worried as well. I can worried about every single things that might not even happenโ€ฆ The bills and everything, and probably, I always hope to pay for my house loan, which I can’t really afford to do so without a job (even with a job). Of cos, my parents did not ask for the money, but as the eldest daughter, I have to do something right? and that’s I need to get a job!

I went for quite a few interviews. These interviews are actually mostly places that I like, or maybe their background is good, or at least there’s one reason why I went for it. – Mainly their portfolio on their website.

And, after waiting for so long, I finally got a call. A Job that is waiting for me to start soon. I have been thinking if leave and money that important for me? What is the most important things that I am looking for? Is all other factors important? How about the environment, boss and colleagues? And how about the prospect?

To be really honest with you, I do feel the money play an important part. and of cos, I feel environment, boss and colleagues are my main priority too. After staying at Ingrid for quite a while, I do feel there’s certain things that I don’t think I can adapt and some things that I hope to achieve as well. For prospect wise, the company give me uncertainty, of cos, I enjoyed my interview and both of them look nice and really friendly. (ZM asked how do i know, and exactly! do i really know?) They did not bring me around the company, and of cos, I can’t be very sure how comfortable is the environment as well (Interview area look not that bad).

If the pay is the same, benefit is the same…… uncertainty prospect and unsure career path…. I don’t think it is a good choice to hop into a similar boat that I previously left. (I must really say, so far I enjoyed this interview the most). I have been quite confuse about whether should i take up this job offer. I need a job. I need the money. And to be honest, I am actually very TIGHT! I have been asking myself, should I take up this job to ‘cure’ my thirst of being really ‘bankrupt’? Or should I just give myself another chance to get a better job?

I really don’t know.

At the same time, I am taking up freelance job. If you are looking for freelancer, do let me know about it (you can always email me). I’m going to discuss this big big mission with my friend tomorrow. This is actually, similar to setting up a company under us, with 2 different name and direction (There’s 2 of us). So, if the project needs both of our expertise, we will handle it together.

It might sound easy, but HOW DO WE GET PITCHES? HOW DO WE KNOW, COY X NEEDS A POSTER DESIGN, COY M NEEDS A ANNUAL REPORT DESIGN? Anyone know and could help me with this? ๐Ÿ˜€

I believe, that my friend would hope that I can put in 100% attention to this. But I have to say, it is nearly impossible for me as I need my bread and butter…. I don’t even have an account for me to handle monthly…. And, where can I get my money to pay the (omg! stack and stack) bills if I do not have a fixed income? But the only thing I can promise is that, my passion won’t die off, and I will put in 75% for this big big mission ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers for our next great step ๐Ÿ™‚

And, I hope I can get into the job that ZM intro. (Prospect wise, and is a good portfolio)
Or even MNC sound really good to me. (In-House designer sound ideal don’t you think so?)


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