Dim Sum with Sng's family

Despite the busy schedule we had, Melanie wondering if we were keen for Dim Sum yesterday, and in 45minutes, Jody fetched us and off we go for a Dim Sum brunch! I should say it wasn’t very fantastic, but it was pretty not bad as well. We had our Dim Sum brunch at Red Star; Chin Swee. Jody & Mel with their lovely daughter and Teng, we had a quite great and enjoyed meal!

Something just went so wronged with me… im in checker shirt!

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imagine we are in some hong kong dim sum place πŸ˜€

do you feel hungry after i posted all the food! haha I love dim sum! πŸ˜€

and this little lovely girl that accompany us through out. hee! πŸ˜€

Straight after that, in no time, we just go ahead back to my house and start discussing and do work till… and you will know more about it… in the next entry πŸ™‚

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