I'm going to be busy everyday, every weekend!

Just like how I mentioned in the title – I am going to be busy everyday, every weekend! So, I might not able to meet most of my friends that often, and I will be spending most of my time, at home doing work… And you might be curious what am i doing and will be doing right? – Design, Drawing, Illustrating πŸ™‚

And, I will tell you more about this, when I finished the stuff on my hand….! I do not like to tell everyone when the stuff on my hand is not really ready, of cos, I have some friends know what is going on as well, but I still prefer to share this excited news to you when I finished everything! And, I will be spending really alot of time doing mine! It’s such a big project, seriously….! Even I am so excited to know of the outcome as well, I have never do it before! πŸ™‚ And you will get to see it as well πŸ˜€

Of cos, I won’t wish to neglect my friends as well, so maybe I will squeeze a little time here and there for you and you. This is not easy for me, because there is so much thing for me to handle at the moment. And, I really don’t wish to miss out every single things we used to have, or we going to have, maybe we can go to somewhere, I can do my work (with plugs and with internet) and in this way, this is solved! πŸ™‚ Can we please?

I will be spending this coming week with office work and illustrators! I hope to get things ready by the end of this coming week, seriously, this is not easy either. Wish me all the lucks!

I only slept at 4am the day before, and waking up at 8am. Basically, I did not have any rest the day before! I feel like as if I am a debuting Idol, busy with everything and sleeping late, waking up early! Ha! And, in fact, I am debuting something *hur hur*! So, look forward to my new “baby” soon! πŸ™‚

So, right now, I am going back to my work once again. I haven even completed my work for tmr! I’m in deep shit seriously. I really hate finding photos at shutterstock, can every company just use istockphoto instead? Their photos quality and angles are so so so much better. And, everyone doesn’t seems to understand that is SO hard to find from shutterstock, because their photos are just so not as nice lor.

Well, I have been want to blog about my Korea Trip Day 1. It have been drafted, but, Photobucket have been down since dunno when…. And, I can’t post any photos! Sad! So, I will just keep trying to upload every now and then okay? Soon, you will see my Day 1. ^^

It’s already 4PM? Okay, this time is real, Bye! I am going to work right now~
Till then, Take Care and See you soon!

P.S. 21 July 2011, is such a significant day. It is going to be our main milestone, happened in our life. Cheers!

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