Do you have a boyfriend? Why?

“Do you have a boyfriend?” “Why?”

My colleagues had discussed about this line for the entire lunch time. And there’s some debate on this question as well. As a newcomer, this question usually, they will asked. I won’t be surprised, because I used to ask Rily and Xueli back then in ex-company.

So, usually lunch time, there’s probably some topics, could be nice, interesting, or maybe something I never heard of. But this time, was on me. J (he is someone who is like Peter! Remind me so much of Peter!) asked if I have a boyfriend. And, my answer was No. And Immediately, he asked “WHY”. D who was there thought it was quite rude to ask that, and she never knew why guys will asked something like that. She felt that, in any event, if a girl who want to get into relationship badly, and do not have a boyfriend…. and J asked her WHY, she might feel upset because, simply no one like her. Thinking about it, it seems quite true to certain extend.

How do you feel if someone asked you WHY?

For now, for me, I have never really thought of this issue. I do not think that life is complete only when you have a boyfriend, which eventually a family. Well, to be honest, when I see most of my friends are setting up their own family, it does occur me that, having a family of my own might be good and really complete. But, it usually only applied to me when I attend wedding dinner ๐Ÿ˜› I thought simply with my friends, and family, my life does complete as well. For now, I still a happy crazy person who feel that this might not be a need “yet”.

Sometimes, I am thankful enough that I do not need one (at least for now), because I will be very upset if I wish to have one and no one love me….. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, if I’m a guy, I wont like someone like me as well. Not rich, Not smart, Not everything, and only knows how to chase idol….! T.T haha!

No worries for me though I am so so so OLD already. I’m glad that most of my friends are getting married or are happily blessed. Anyway, life still good for me, and I am a ๅฎ…ๅฅณ so, as long there’s Internet and a Laptop, most probably I can survive well ๐Ÿ˜€

// work is coming to an end. and i am having my own plans as well ^^ *excited*

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