Westlife is my favourite boyband back then.

I remembered when I am still in secondary school, Channel 5 showed Westlife’s concert.
In order, not to be missed, I decided to record it down.
Can you imagine, still TAPE recording hur hur :PA

nd, I told myself, I must watch their concert one day.
They might not dance as well as the rest, which i never fancy of.
But, their vocals, are really amazing. Awesome!

And, the most amazing thing is that, after more than 8 years, they are back in Singapore.
And this time, it is not just something normal, it’s CONCERT! OMG!
I can’t believed that, I waited so long, and yes they came.
Always believed in them, and they will know our sincerity! :)

And, with help of Cin, I got my ticket already!
Together with Cin, my poly friend fala and huiling and friend.
We are all ready to go for Westlife Gravity Tour! Hooohoo!!

I can’t believe I’m going.Sorry, I’m busy on 3rd October 2011! :)
let’s listen some of their oldies. It’s really Good!

I lay my love on you.

If I let you go.

Flying without wings.

Swear it again.

My Love – My A Maths teacher’s favourite song haa

// can’t believe Westlife song have been so long, and it still sound soo good!

I will reach you @ National Lottery

their new song – Beautiful Tonight

i’m very sure i’m going to hear this song on october 3rd!
They simply sound so great, so awesome, so wonderful

beautiful tonight // I can’t wait for Westlife! :)



  1. miyo ♥

    Enjoy the concert!!! ^^
    I feel old… I actually see them debuting as “Westside” before they change to “Westlife”… lol..

    • 슈퍼스타

      Yes! I will, I have been waiting ever since they did their Soccer Match in singapore, and I’m not in the crowd. That’s when we are young and have no money for anything except books and pens! haha :) // Really! keke, they aged too! I can see such a great different…. their lines on their face, but their music is just so awesome! :D

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