W is for Westlife; Westlife Show

W is the keyword.

W is for Westlife.


I believe, Westlife is a group that no one will hate, and most will like and love their songs.
A group that doesn’t do any dancing, basically, focus on their vocal, and indeed awesome one.

Despite, of those newcomer groups coming one by one, they are still so good! 🙂
Let me share with you, this Westlife Show, that maybe you should really consider watching?

This Westlife Show, is like, a showcase that they will be performed the music chosen by the fans.
So, which some they are quite surprised of it, let’s check out this TOP5 songs chosen!

(it must be a hard choice to just pick 5 songs, because, I can’t pick 5, because all their songs
are just so good! 🙂 Maybe you can see if your TOP5 was the same as the one picked? hur hur~)


Number 5: Charted for 11 weeks, No.1 in August 1999, If I Let You Go.


Number 4: Charted for 16 weeks, No.1 in October 2002, Unbreakable.

// that’s a really lucky fan right everyone? I wish so too! and guess what Mark did?
// he marked the most important date, and of cos definitely, he shared the same birthday as
the lovely diva – Kylie Minogue, hongkong’s queen – Charmaine Sheh and the superstar – ME 😀

Number 3: over 360,000 copies sold, No.1 in October 2005, You Raised Me Up.

// and this is one of the song i will wanna really hear on 3rd October!

(PART3 – This video contains content from SME,
who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. // sad!)


Number 1: Charted 13 weeks, No.1 in October 1999, Flying without Wings.

// it’s so amazing, when the fans sing along with Shane at the start, and cheers starts..
// It’s just so lovely how the music was delivered by the 4 charming man.
//Just when Shane shouted – ‘You Sing’ the crowd just go – FLYING WITHOUT WINGS
// it feels like ANGELs singing when i hear this songs, this indeed NUMBER 1!

PhotobucketWhen they are still 5 of them, with Bryan (Brian)

Let me end this lovely post of Westlife Show, with one of their concert in my favourite country!

Westlife Live in Korea [Concert 2006 – Uptown Girl]


This is the WESTLIFE SHOW aired on ITV1 on Saturday 15th December 2007. 
The show was a countdown of their songs of all time chosen
by the fans online that year.  Hope you all like it.
credit: yrinitalovwstlif@youtube.

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