Self-Shot with Super Junior?

// i’m a loyal fan of SS501. i’m a loyal fan of SS501. i’m a loyal fan of SS501. i’m a loyal fan of SS501. 

It’s been really long, I talked about my Korea trip right? Have to you read my day1, go read it if you haven! 😀 Anyway, here’s 4 photos teaser just before my day2. I have been typing and typing for my day2. it’s going to be a dry and boring entry i believe, as i shared a lot of my personal experience, and some tips for music shows as well. so just before some dry boring entry that you might be reading soon, i’m here to bring you some funny and cute photo i took with joanne during our trip!

p.s. quality might not be good, cos i took it from my iphone 🙂




// if only they have for SS501. it’s going to be DAEBAK!!! 🙂


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