This is just so unbelievable. September is coming!
Life had been great for the past 8 months.
I might be short of money, but life still good.
I’m still healthy, alive, the earth still turning.

September could be one of my most exciting month aside from May-June.
There’s so much events happening almost every week.

3 September, heading to the bank to get DEY’s ibanking device settle.
And meeting Starling’s June, and this time is different.
We are meeting her as my client! Can’t wait to help her with company branding!

7/9 September, we will be celebrating Mel Birthday!
(yes, 2 weeks ago was Belle Belle (her daughter), then Jody (her husband) and now her!)
She had a VIRGO family! And their birthday are just simply back-to-back!
Excited to meet my lovely six+one+one.

10-11 September, I’m going to “Maldives” with Clarice, Jobynn and Maytian.
I think there’s a curse after having a 1 month trip.
You simply want more fun and need more rest. You just need~
I need to pack my luggage, change money as well~!

23 September – F1 Race and party with GD & TOP.
I dunno why, most of the time, when I was typing some idol name..
The song sung by the group will be playing in my mp3.
So is not too difficult to guess what’s playing right? ;)

24-26 September – Getaway to KL
This is one of my craziness moment. I have been thinking if I should go for this trip.
Because, freelance job might come to an end this/next week, i dunno.
And, in short, I might not have income at the moment…
I just not sure, but it wasn’t that expensive to travel by coach as well.
Anyway, I’m going with another 9 girls which I’m sure we gonna have fun!
And, we are going to KMW during this trip. PJM is going! How exciting! :D

27 September – BFF Teng’s Birthday
Nothing planned, but I’m sure it gonna have fun.
If by then, I’m jobless, I’m going to ask her out the entire day!
Let’s be tai-tai and enjoy ourselves max! :) HAVE GREAT FUN!

It’s indeed a busy September! :)


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