Heechul, See you in 2 years time! :)

the group that got me into KPOP is Super Junior.
(though the group that i was listening to first is Shinhwa!)

By accidentally, i watched Attack the Pin Up Boys.
Without knowing who acted in the movie, which I don’t usually do.
I went on to search on the actors after finished the drama.
And, in fact, I was pretty shocked that 12 (kyuhyun is a ‘new’ member!) acted~
Both Kangin and Heechul acted very funny role in the movie, which led me to only laughter!

Soon, I found myself watching their clips, mvs, and stuff.
And, their variety show – Full House that made me laugh out loud.
They are just simply funny, I thought they really made people enjoy so much and forget worries!

They have been active for at least 5 years, and alot of things changed.
They used to be a group of 13 members, it only completed with 13 members.
First, Kibum ‘left’ and pursue his acting career yet remind his status as a member of SJ.
Next, Hangeng faced some contract problem, and now he is a solo singer in China.
Next, Kangin faced alot of problem, and attend the army earlier, which he probably served 1year.
I never thought that I should include Henry and Zhoumi, they are only SUJU-M that’s all.

Now, it’s Heechul’s turn. He will be serving his 2 years from September onward.
I’m sure in no time, we will be welcoming him out and probably seeing Super Senior instead πŸ™‚
ELFs probably have to get well-prepared as SJ’s ages are rather near apart, and they will be in soon.

I’m glad I choose to go for SJ Super Show 3 Singapore.
It was a fun and exciting concert that I ever attend before.
Though as much as I wish to see all 13, I think is could be the last time see-ing 10 already!
My instinct told me that Leeteuk and Heechul will be going army early next year.
(I thought Leeteuk earlier, and didn’t expect heechul’s to be this early!)

Following are some of the photos I taken early this year during SSS3.
The funniest, 4D, crazy Heechul. See you in 2 years time. 2013 September! πŸ™‚







[youtube=http://youtu.be/Oj5yzdpSoX8]Heechul’s SOLO stage – Spirit.

I love this song, I think he sing quite well, many might not even know he can sing…!

Goodbye Heechul. Goodbye Lady Hee Hee. Goodbye!
See you in September 2013. Take care! πŸ™‚

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