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It’s my first time watching 粤剧. and to be honest, I don’t even really understand.
But at times, it feel like… I’m watching Canto drama. I only watch it with their real voice.
it’s nicer, and more feel, basically so much better to listen them speaking in canto 😀

And here’s the reason why we are here, Keith, our HK friend was ‘singing’ for this show.
Keith, is Chris’ friend, and he is from HK, who bring the rest around while they visit HK months ago.
Personally, I think he is really good, and he is only 26yo and he have been in this line for 10years!
Not only that, he had also win ‘best young artist’ award – such great achievement!
He is acting as a general in this show, well… just a little pity, he only had make up left…~

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