Official hello to everyone 😉

We are now called: DOUBLE-eggyolk.

You may wondering why this name, because we both found that having
double yolk in a egg is really very rare (though, recently there’s a news on a lady
who cracked 29 double yolk in 30 eggs or something in a row).

Well, but, how often you crack your eggs and you get to see DOUBLE EGG YOLK?

This is how rare we are.

And, we are also special in a way that, we are all-rounded in all areas.
We might be new, but we dare to explore and give you design solution.

We specialize in all areas of design.
Get quotation? Crack the egg! [email protected]

Not forgetting,

DOUBLE-eggyolk is owned by 2 Designers
Teng //The eggyolk Eater
Si Hui //The eggwhite Lover

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