Official hello to everyone ;)

We are now called: DOUBLE-eggyolk.

You may wondering why this name, because we both found that having
double yolk in a egg is really very rare (though, recently there’s a news on a lady
who cracked 29 double yolk in 30 eggs or something in a row).

Well, but, how often you crack your eggs and you get to see DOUBLE EGG YOLK?

This is how rare we are.

And, we are also special in a way that, we are all-rounded in all areas.
We might be new, but we dare to explore and give you design solution.

We specialize in all areas of design.
Get quotation? Crack the egg!

Not forgetting,

DOUBLE-eggyolk is owned by 2 Designers
Teng //The eggyolk Eater
Si Hui //The eggwhite Lover


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