i’m quite busy…

I been wanting to blog and talk about what have I been doing. But I realize, I did not have much time recently. If you have noticed from my tweets, I’m more likely busy for quite a few days, sleeping little hours and going home at late hours too.

Currently, DEY have handle their very first exhibition show’s designs. It is something that both teng and me had never handled before. It’s become a challenge when everything have to be delivered to Paris next week, and the client have to receive it by this friday. Besides, the timeline, the worries we had, is that we can’t foresee any problem over in Paris, because neither us are over there :) Well, despite of everything that might be happen, we are expecting the goods, hence, we are a little excited and a little nervous as well.

And, definitely, a little tired, very tired to be honest ;P

Right now, i’m still working at office…. Hopefully, I will get back home in 2hours time :)

// aside from DEY, there’s something juicy coming up too! *can’t wait*


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