Okay, I found out…

I have been telling friends about, I’m busy and lacking of sleep.
Some might not even know why I am this busy and what I am busy with.
Generally, I also dunno, sometimes, I just look back and think.
I haven been watching any drama series/variety show, so what am i busy with?

Today, I know, and found out.

The days if I spend with Seven Seas.
I worked till 7pm (by right, because I wasn’t earned by hour! I should leave SHARP)
But sometimes, I will worked till 8pm or even 9pm.
Actually It wasn’t very late, but it takes 1.5hours to reach home (sometimes)
So after dinner, it could already hitting 11pm (though i’m home.
So, I probably surfing net like fb/twitter/pod for a while (multitasking)
And, doing some updates for the DEY. Account and making everything in right place.
Changing things here and there, just to make sure it look good.
This kind of changes might take 1hour even it is a simple thing.
Then, probably I will start to do some research for website and some stuff.
I have been looking for Screensaver format.

And sometimes, I surf some online store for little gift for friend.
Actually, i wanna get some little gift for friends i like.
But, not even a single thing I can find. Cheh.

And sometimes, I do work for Jolene’s.
So in fact there’s alot of things to do right?

And then… this actually sum up my day. hence, I slept at 3am in the morning.

// and what happen to days when I don’t work for Seven Seas.
I concentrate on DEY. Then again, i have little rest in between the days.
Because, if I have no mood, I can’t functionally properly.
For now, I probably acc my mum for lunch, and always drag a few hours.
Hate the hot weather, and journey to rivervale plaza.
Then, probably need to do some housework chore. hate it too.
Do some work for DEY as well. Got so much work meh? I duno, but there’s 🙂
Tidy the account (i duno why, but i’m making it perfect everyday)
Then, sometimes, my mum will drag me talking to her too!
Rest & Work probably.

Not sure if you know me well, I love multitask. I can function better when I multitask.

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