Actually, I have been thinking how to write this out in order not to make it worst. I mean, this entry suppose to understand the fact, and not to lead to any misunderstanding or misleading to friendship at all. As many have know that, I’m someone who cherish every single friendship and love my friends alot, even though I might not shown it. I’m not good in expressing myself, but yes, I still love all my friends.

I once, a organiser, someone who put in effort in every single gathering, make sure everyone attend. Do you know how hard it is? As time goes, I probably get too tired over all the planning and everyone taking it as granted. Maybe you did not, but it is really tired to contact every single one and planning a date that everyone can make it. This is a little sad, a little tired, but of cos, I understand everyone have their own commitment, hence, there is definitely a level of difficulties to meet everyone in just a day.

To me, friend doesn’t mean, we have to know each other very long, meet everyday. As long as we keep in contact either by Whatsapp, Email, Twitter, or any kind of social media. You know, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. Remember, when you put too much effort, if there’s no appreciation, then, really, i’m sorry. As work is getting a little busy, hence, I made a few quick meetup with my dearest friends before the work get piling. Even a short dinner is appreciated. Especially, most of my friends comment that I have been really very busy – yes i am.

Anyway, I have a few groups of friends I stay very very close to. And many of them, I had them chatting with me on some social media platform. Some of my friends I just get close to them recent years. It doesn’t matter how long we met, how long we know each other. I appreciate every single of them because they are such a great friends, they care and concern about every single movement of me. I feel that, ‘oh, someone is caring about me constantly’. I got back this feeling that I used to constantly give… I feel good, and awesome. Thank you friends.

Sometimes, I feel that, friendship is really hard to explain. I know a group of friends because of KPOP, because of SS501, KHJ etc. I’m glad that, we are still very close, not because of KPOP anymore. Because we love each other company, we love to have fun together, we have so much to talk about, and it doesn’t mean it’s KPOP anymore. It’s purely friendship. I feel so happy to know them, they are also the same group of friends who went Korea with me previously. It’s really enjoyable. And, I can’t wait for our next trip, oh yes, we just went KL recently! :)

Of cos, friends come and go. I feel upset that certain friends I use my heart and soul (very kuazhang but you know where I’m getting from) to treat them nice, and hopefully maintain a good friendship even we are not those BFF terms. But, sometimes I feel upset how friendship is just gone with certain misunderstanding. It is really sad that whatever we put in effort previously is just gone like a wind. I just saw a “used-to-be-really-close-friend” recently. this does drive me some thoughts and remember alot of certain friends fall in this category.

And, I did mention about I’m getting busy, and hence, I was making some time for a few group of my friends for dinner, even a short one is appreciated! :) One of this group, is my poly friends. We have been chatting in whatsapp ever since i have no idea when. It doesn’t seems that it been a long time we last met. Hence, we have a meetup just recently. It wasn’t exactly planned, but I can’t say it wasn’t planned anyway. Since, it is a quick one, I just asked those in the chat log, so no offense to others who are not in the chat log, since it is not a ‘Oh it is TP class gathering’! I would like to highlight it because many might mistaken it as it is one. But it is not, so stop being sensitive and stuff. You are not invited not because you are not my friend, it is just a quick one with some friend who I’m closer with and always staying in contact. So, don’t feel sensitive about it, oh wait, am i over-sensitive? haha!

I had meeting in the morning like 9am, which is just so early. I worn one of my newly favourite top with my favorite sneaker-wedge from Korea! :)

Photobucket/// had breakfast with Teng & Jolene (She is working in KKH)

/// went over to leehwa @ Bugis to get my earring backing.
And they served me blackcurrent Tea, which is so nice. Their service is just simply so good.
I just get a simple earring backing, they even offer to clean up for me. I’m a happy girl.

Hence, I went over to meet rbff earlier since my meeting end quite early. And rbff brought me to somewhere, i hardly go. It’s Katong! He promised that, the ice cream place will be a good place and I will definitely not regret!



Oh yes, it’s really not bad! :) The ice cream was great. I forget to mention the ice cream place lol. It’s Coccogelo at East Coast! Go try it :) While he did his study, I was surfing net using my macbook air. I’m just so glad to have MBA with me because it is just so light and portable to bring around. I love my MBA! We had some talks, and mostly laughter over how I wanted a 2-days house warming if I happen to get married and have a house eventually. (Oh yes, as much as I love my MBA, i wish to have a iPad too!) Anyway, Fish met us too because of the sudden SMS and he was working near us.

I must say the ice cream store was pretty good, but lack of customers! We sat there for at least 5 hours, there’s internet and plug (this is one of the plus plus point right?), there isn’t anyone else, until Fish came. We probably disturbing rbff for quite a while since I have someone to talk to already! :S Anyway, probably a 45mins later, we headed to 313 for our dinner! We had fish with us eating FISH. hur hur.

/// No matter how i see H&M, i still feel it doesn’t look like SG at all. LOL

FISH is a rather relatively new to Singapore, since Fish & Co have been around for quite a while. FISH probably into the industry max 3 years. They are sister company of Fish & Co, and since it’s my first visit I probably enjoyed alot as I love FISH so so so much. This place have free flow of salad, which I thought it is so healthy, me like. And I love fresh lettuce etc. :D




///yingseah and me.

///yes yes, I had salmon again that I think, I probably turn into one soon.

/// we had our funny shot too!

/// and the 3 lovely girls! :X

/// a group photo is definitely not to be miss. FISH left earlier :(

///we had ice cream at cold stone. I remember the time i spent in Korea. I miss Korea :D



It is really an awesome day with them. Doesn’t need anything special just a normal dinner (not exactly normal though lol), I love my friends! :) I can’t wait for more gathering soon. I can’t wait to meet Susze, its been really a long while! I can’t wait to meet Mavis and ask her update me more about her recent trip! I can’t wait to see CASH (Char, Anne, Serene, Hui – LOL) too! I can’t wait to meet PIE Family because it been quite a long long long while! I can’t wait to meet my dearest SIX+ONE+ONE too, Yodolyn when are you coming back :P There’s so many groups of friends I want to meet! :)

See you my friends :)


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