Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

I always anticipating every single female group’s comeback. And right after Kara was Brown Eyed Girls which both I anticipated alot, and they did even better than I expected, alot way expected. When I knew WG is coming back to Korea for their next album release, I was overjoy and waiting for their comeback. Soon, JYP released their 1st teaser. It was totally different from their usual comeback – unlike Nobody and 2 Different Tears, I can’t see any Retro-feel on them anymore. To be honest, I feel Retro is so much their style, when you talk about Retro-Girl Band, a little disappointed about the teaser though I still love the teaser!

the first teaser

then here come the 2nd teaser


Sunye look so pretty with short hair. She look really really pretty and suit that hairstyle too! :) Yubin look HOT, and I mean really HOT! The rest look the same still very pretty. Right after this, I’m sure you can’t wait for their full MV. Here’s the full MV – Be My Baby


I love this MV totally. I love the song totally too. “SOHEE can sing!” that my very first impression of that song! Sohee really improved alot! She is well-known to be a normal singer in WG, in fact in the female girl group. I think she changed everyone’s view on her. This song, is not exactly retro, but it has some retro feel too! I love this song. I can’t wait for their comeback soon. Do you like this song too? :)




  1. Clarice

    This song sounds good! Sohee looks cute, what’s the name of the tan gal? she’s become prettier. in fact, she looks a bit like Kahi! But maknae should try to lose some fats from her thighs.

    • 슈퍼스타

      yup! this song really sound good. I like it once i listen it! :) something retro something not so retro. JYP is just so brilliant :P That’s yubin! I think she always very pretty, but she look even prettier this time. Really? let me go watch again :P the maknae, she losing lots of weight from the past, poor her, some time oversea tour, she and yeeun did not go out for delicious dinner with the rest because they are on diet! :(

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