Poland, my holiday wishes

I just finished one of my work today. I feel great, because I finished a day ahead. So, I think I deserved at least a 15 minutes rest right? And, the best part is, I give my rest time to my blog, which I wanted to keep it updated almost everyday… like I used to be… 🙂

Yesterday, I was working in my parent’s room. This mean, I can watch TV at the same time while working (which eventually, slow down a little, maybe with my mummy’s distraction LOL). I was watching Leeteng & Pornsak Poland trip. Which, make me want to go there too! I went online to search for some photos of Poland for you to see! 🙂

Photo by: http://www.metrolic.com/
Seriously it is so pretty, Imagine you can sit by the cafe/restaurant and have a good chat with your travel-mate? It does sound great right? Even reading a book does beautify the scenery!

Photo by: http://www.chicagobooth.edu
This photo is really well-taken right? How can a place be this pretty. The light, the shophouses that make it possible. It is just too pretty to be true! I wish to visit this place right now, let me have a good count of my saving *hur hur*

Photo by: http://www.warsaw-life.com

This definitely makes me feel like giving a visit soon. It’s a pretty country with pretty scenery. I love places that give me a little knowledge of their culture and also, taking great photos too. The church, the horse carriage riding does really sound interesting to me! I love how the show’s concept is. The train that bought you different part of Poland. It’s really beautiful.

P.S. I was blog hopping and saw someone talking about Poland as well. Saving moneyyyy 🙂

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