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[Got Spoiler] // not exactly spoiler since, wiki actually talk about it. 


Everyone was talking about this movie, and personally, I think the title does attracted me as well. I’m lucky enough to watch it together with the rest of the PIE family! Finally a movie 🙂 I have been staying at home, going to Mel’s place for dinner and furtherest place I went is actually, Sunray hur hur.

To be honest, this could be one of the best movie this year! One of the movie that talks about a true true school life, and what could actually happen during your school days too. It’s actually a true story of 九把刀. There’s something that he never will forget even today.

How did I spend my 4 years in my secondary school? 

I wish my school life is this exciting. I wish that, I can repeat my school life, and experience something once in a life time. But, I was never a popular girl in school, I was never the girl that ‘大家一起追的女孩‘. Never once, and never be, so, I probably will never experience how 沈佳宜 experience.

But 九把刀’s story probably give the guys little encourage, 你要勇敢的追啊。那些回憶是找不回來的,你要真正的體會那美好的時光。這才會你永不忘記的回憶啊。

The movie is full of laughter and once you walked out of the cinema, you think about your school days. You think about the part you laugh and cry during your school days. I personally feel, this is the successful point of the movie. You talk and remember what is the past. Your school days, the laughter and tears.

/// Just a simple photo, the expression and feel and everything. this is just amazing

The only thing I did not like is that, 柯騰 and 沈佳宜 did not even get together though they experience a day of dating. The sad yet happy moment they ever had is “他們的的確確真正的喜歡彼此” Looking 15 years back, 他確實有一段美好的學生時代,那純純的愛,那無法忘的沈佳宜。

/// the real 沈佳宜, how will she feel, when 九把刀 actually still keep that uniform.

The part that I feel disappointed about is that, 柯騰 pick up the call from 沈佳宜, was to tell him that she is getting married. I think it is not easy to attend the girl of someone you like the most in your life wedding.

(this actually remind me alot of Proposal Daisakusen – a japanese drama that tell you how much regret the guy is when he attend the girl he love wedding. And realise throughout the photo montage, he is always there, but she is always no smiling…. He hope he can change the past, and make her a happier girl during school days… ‘God’ give him a chance during every photo montage, going back to the past at that point of time, changing a little bit of fact, to make her happier. This movement slowly made him realize he actually like her a lot.)  

As much as, this is a true story, things definitely will not be like fairy tales, and I should have guessed it from the title. I guess this is part and parcel of life. Something are meant to keep, while some are not, 就像這純純的愛情, all worth to be keep, and remember.

But, isn’t this suppose to be a good thing that,  “他們的的確確真正的喜歡彼此”. How’s the feeling of 的的確確真正的喜歡彼此? Sometimes, I do think that, I presume everything to be fairy-tale alike, everyone is nice and kind, when god doesn’t create everyone to be same. And maybe because of this, (plus my friends’ r/s) 讓我覺得不可能會有純純的愛. 我也沒甚麼真正care. 我希望愛情是純純的,美美的,但往往都不是,如果早知道,為何我要陷入呢?小時候的(現在的)我,胖胖的,醜醜的,或許這也是問題之一,我也沒把’ 愛情/結婚‘ 列出在生活的‘必須品’,也覺得,沒有愛情,也可以過的開心幸福的。友情,親情也能帶給我所謂的幸福啊~



只有愛情,那美好的回憶,那純純的愛,的真實故事才會讓大家回想 ’那些年‘。


watch this 幕後花絮 after you finished the movie 🙂


watch how 九把刀 smile when the movie is film, he must be thinking of the past, the happy days he spent with 沈佳宜 and 摯友. 一部又真實又感人的電影,值得大家去好好看。

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