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I have been wanting to type this entry on sunday evening. It was a raining and cold evening, and I thought it was one of the best day to write something again, especially I have just complete one of the project DEY is handling. I wanted to share and said something related… It is kind of reflection for me.

Then again, my mind flipped and too much random thoughts going through that I don’t think it was the right time to write this entry. Hence, i write it right now, when I supposed to draft a contract for DEY with a company. But, I just have the mood, so here I go…

DEY finally finished their first ever web-based project. I can’t deny we did not face any problem, or so. There were plenty of problems, one after another… And, learning from a big gap, a simple web designer like I am currently, to do a website with advance HTML, PHP, Javascript was never easy. Even now, I must say without help from friends, this might not be as smooth. Thank you friends who helped me along the way. You might think it is just a tiny help, to me, it is still a great help to me, thank you.

DEY is handle by 2 person, to be exact 2 friends, since secondary school. We have quarrel and fight like any other friends as well, but I think deep in my heart, she is a friend I wish to cherish, and want to be friend forever. It wasn’t easy when the thought of us going another level – business partner. No one is alike, neither she nor me. We both have to learn to work out a way, and believe being frank will work well for us. Nothing is easy, especially we both wish that this doesn’t hurt or harm any of our friendship so far.

Working as a team, we believed that we have to solve anything instead of keeping it in our heart and gets upset and angry over the days. It will not and doesn’t help in both the business and the friendship. I like the point that both of us will sit down and chat over the project after completion. We talked about everything from the project to how we both handle and each of our conflict. No one is perfect like what I have mentioned previously, but handling project together, there is bounce to ‘give and take’ I think this is alright as long it is not TOO OVER. But sharing and giving thoughts during every single project is one of the thing I really appreciate.

Not that the company is not earning, but we have plans, lots of plan ahead for 2012. This means, we have to save up part of our earning to feed the company for the rest of 2012. This is also what we usually call – the company fund. Hence, we haven’t been taking any single cents for the past few months. It is still our money, yet wasn’t in our pocket. As a boss ourselves, I think there’s certain thing we have to sacrifice and overcome, nothing is perfect for anyone, even a rich man himself.

Everyone might think that it is good to be a boss at such a young age, while many still strive hard for their bosses. But, to think about it, we ourselves also work and strive hard for ourselves. We did not have any time off, in a way, we worked everyday. We work when there’s a demand, we doesn’t have weekdays or weekends. We doesn’t even have fixed working hours. Many will feel that, I’m able to work at my own timing, well that’s true.

I have to sacrifice time with friends and all the outings. But I believe, many friends will understand this is just the first step of being a boss. It is not easy to get understanding from friends since many might feel, as long you manage your time well, it is possible. No one will understand it as much as I do, as much as the boss and the job requirement takes. It is not easy.

It reminds me greatly of the days I spent in my first ever company. I was the only one who worked late, and have countless of OT without paying… My friends travelled all the way to Raffles Place just to have dinner with me, but, even after their dinner, I still stucked at work… This happen many many time. But slowly, as they grow older and older, they understand my work nature, now they know and understand. I’m glad πŸ˜‰ I think it is just like, you know you have an accountant friends, their timing is another super-inflexible… Hence, you can’t do anything but give him/her support and always be there for them. Knowing your friend job-nature is part of what a friend should do πŸ™‚

Encouragement to each other is one of the best gift.

DEY also have just set their target for the next half of 2012. It is getting excited about our target. We set at least 5X higher than what we have currently for 2011, because with more support and more target, we will strive higher and better! And, we promise a little gift by the end of june 2012 if we hit our target. Nevertheless, this is something we both can’t foresee and yet anticipate alot with. I hope you are here with us too.

And dear friends, don’t stop supporting us. Support us either by giving us jobs or giving us encouragement are widely acceptable. You know, that’s one of the best gift πŸ˜‰

It is kind of a long long wordy entry. Hope I don’t bored anyone else out here. I hope I will have time to blog about MAMA before it get too outdated! :O

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