[Drama] I'm a Flower too!

It’s been a while I last watched any drama. I have been kind of busy with work, hence that also explain the reason why I have stop watching all my favorite variety show + drama series as well. The last drama I watched was City Hunter, not a very old film, but consider quite awhile back. Anyway, I’m glad that I finally find some time to watch I’m a Flower too! Giving myself a break is one of the best thing to motivate myself to move further ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a Flower too Trailer



I have been tweeting about listening to a song from the drama, enjoying a few time before realizing it’s a song by BEAST! Yes, i don’t deny, I’m quite a fan of BEAST lately. I have always enjoyed their songs and music, watching them performed a few times, include the recent MAMA and their Fan meet early July. They are cute, in twitter, on TV and in front of fans, sweeter than sugar.

Dreaming by Beast – I’m a flower too OST



Speaking of BEAST, one of their member, Kikwang is also one of the actors in this drama. Here’s some of the short clip of him in this drama. He is a blur yet funny police, and also, a singer – PINK.



This is a on-going drama, you only able to watch this show up to episode 9.


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