Sorry Minori, I will NEVER visit you again.

It is been a while, I last met my dearest six+one+one. And this time, we managed to find some time with our dearest amanda, who have been really busy with work (flying) and studying! It’s her birthday coming sunday (by the time i blogged, it’s yesterday :P)

To be honest, since birthday girl doesn’t have any preference, we only decided the place on that very day. We planning to head to Heeren for a meal, but decided to change due to the long queue. Then, we headed to UE Square – Minori, for a Japanese buffet. Just when, I thought ‘Minori’ ring a bell and I saw the exterior of the shop. Yes, I went here before with Anne, Char and Rene, but I have no idea if we find food nice or anything, but I remember vividly that we didn’t want to come again….

The waiting time was pretty fine as we only waited 10 minutes for our seat despite it was kind of a full house that day. For whatever had happen, let me copied what Jolene’s say…..


My friends and I had walked in at 7.30 pm. Our first orders came on time but the order was slightly mixed up.

We ordered another round of food at 8pm but only 1 plate of sushi arrived, at approximately 9.10 pm, and only after we tripled checked our orders.

Rather than apologizing, the waitress serving us, who is an middle aged lady with a ponytail, snapped at our group, saying the kitchen is understaffed. She also commented that the next table had waited for an hour before getting their food.

At 9.30 pm, we were only served spardosically and the orders were wrong. The same waitress insisted that the order was correct and implied that we did not know what we were ordering. There was again no effort to correct any mistakes.

The waitress in question took no effort to listen to the customers and we had to even silence her to get her to listen. Again, there was no apologies given. Rather than to placate your customers, she was utterly defensive and pushed the blame to your other staff. She also challenged us to file a complain.

When the bill was called, due to the extremely poor service, we did not feel justified in paying the service charge.. The same waitress thrusted the bill in front of us and did not even offer any solution. When We requested to see the manager, she said that none was on duty.

Ultimately, although we were given a discount of 1 person out of our group of 6, we felt that there was no effort in service recovery. The same waitress also pushed another colleague to apologize on her behalf.

The evening was supposed to be a joyous birthday celebration for one of my friends. Instead, we had to contend with poor service and even raising our voices to get our point across.

My friends and i had supported your establishment since the Hanabi days but with such low quality service experienced, we will not be coming back.

I hope you can look into this episode and offer us a satisfactory explanation.


I have never been to it more than twice, and this incident was really a bad one. I must say, the food taste really fresh and good, but as for what the service we had, it was totally totally disappointing and awful. I can’t imagine if some tourist decided to have their meal here before their flight, I AM SURE THEY GONNA BE LATE.

Sometimes, it is not about the food that we eat, how wonderful that meal is, but if the service is a bad one, I doubt anyone would want to visit it. We waited like 2hours odd just for the food. How do Minori justify us with a proper answer? We did not even hear anything about being sorry for the delay, neither we knew they are short-handed when they served us. The waitress keep challenge us to file a complain and explaining that it is normal to wait because certain food is meant to wait… I personally feel that this waitress service was really bad till we give up on eating the food as well, no more visit again.

I felt very sorry toward Zhili because it was a birthday dinner, with such unexpected services, and she doesn’t even get to eat what she wanted (It’s buffet!) We did went to Sunray for a short drink before heading home to calm ourselves down and at least to have a chit chat session….. Minori had the worst service I ever went. Despite the food is just simply good and fresh, non of us willing to come back again. Sorry Minori, I do hope you reply Jolene about the issue that we mentioned. Look into it!

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