[six+one+one] Miss Bimbo Birthday!

(after that awful experience in Minori, we had this for her, a surprise and wonderful gathering!)

We had another birthday party for Zhili, and this time, it was a surprised! She doesn’t know much about it, and we told her its a pre-gathering for christmas and maybe a short tour over Melanie’s new house πŸ™‚

We discussed over iMessage and bombing each other with lots of questions and photos and details for her birthday party which was meant to be a big surprise! actually, alot of last minutes surprise too πŸ˜›

We supposed to meet at 730pm, while we told her to reach around 8pm. I left my place around 6pm to Compass Point to get everything done. Thanks Jolene for the big help to carry all these with me, I think I can’t handle it that well if I’m alone. Thanks Teng driving us over too! ^^

And miss bimbo actually just finished her work and headed down directly from her flight!! πŸ™‚

I think I shall get it short and have all the photos to say everything πŸ™‚

Photobucketmore photos will be upload to facebook soon. it’s already 3:24AM. I need to wake up by 730AM yawn!

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