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I’m always a watch lover. Since young, friends and relatives always bought me watches for birthdays. And I remember there’s a year where I received 3 watches! I felt nothing but happiness! But there’s something I really particular about watches… I don’t like to buy watches from places like Bugis Street (etc) despite their design might be nice. Watches to me, is more than a watch, it have its own status in my heart. And that’s also explained, I doesn’t even give a care or look at watches if they are not from a ‘real’ retail shop. (I saw some nice watches during my Taiwan trip, but I really can’t help it, I just doesn’t like watches to have such status lol)

Yesterday, headed to Tampines Mall for grandmother’s birthday. I’m lucky enough to squeeze some time to see watches again. It is a luxury for me to look at watches and I just simply love all of them. As you get older, there is certain thing you really want it, be it a LV bag, a Gucci wallet, a Burberry tote, as for me, a Tag Heuer watch! After having a CYMA watches from my mum few years back, I really hope to have a Tag Heuer watch next. I’m walking a nearer and nearer step towards my love for watches HAHA!

Ceramic was one of the most popular and ‘IN’ style for watches nowadays. I have seen certain design on DKNY, A|X few months back, it wasn’t looking very pleasant as much as their normal time piece. But this Tag Heuer Ceramic with Crystal I saw yesterday was pretty! And, mainly, it’s big enough for my liking. It’s been a while since I own a BIG FACE watch.


This watch was no joke! It cost $3.8K, and it is surround by lots of crystal. But there’s choice 2, without the surround crystals. There’s still crystal in the watch itself, no joke, it cost $2.8K too! It is a pretty time piece, and I think it say a BIG HELLO to me as well.

Daddy never encourage me to get anything except a good watch. He felt that, having a good time piece is important and worth. He said, I can easily pay for this watch and money will be easily earn again. But, 2.8K for me is another holiday trip, it is hard to say GOODBYE to my precious money. And, I really doesn’t have this budget at this moment la. LOL!

But, it’s okay, when I have the budget… I will walked in, and hopefully, walked out with a Tag Heuer watch ๐Ÿ™‚ A small dream, maybe I should get one end of this year, if DEY business is super duper good! ๐Ÿ˜€

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