[Stay Healthy] 2012, January Week 2



I felt great and awesome because I did 3 round of exercising this week.
Actually, I wasn’t really keen on losing weight and diet.
It was more like a healthy lifestyle when I feel that, I kinda unhealthy.

And for a reason, I’m worried over my health as Im getting older! LOL
Well, if it can help me to lose some weighs, i don’t mind either.

*secretively hope it does help, and i won’t restrict myself too much on the next trip*Β 

I did Hatha Yoga together with Teng, Jolene, Mel and Yvonne.
The class is coming to an end, not sure if we were to continue, but hopefully πŸ™‚

Then, I also went swimming in the morning, waking up like 6am, and meet Cin early.
It was good, healthy and shiok, since I always love swimming.
But, we got so hungry, ate a lot, and bubble tea as well, but I think is alright πŸ™‚

On Sunday, yesterday, headed for Hot Yoga with Mavis.
Had my 2nd class yesterday, was pretty better than the first one.
But we really perspire like no one business. and its a little giddy for me.
But then, I survived! It was great before I had another birthday dinner feast that very day πŸ˜›

Its a really great start for January. I really love my 2012 a lot.
Things seem to fall really nicely. And, give me a pat when you see me.

“Good Job Si Hui!”

P.S. Yes, Im wearing my RED ADIDAS tee that I abandoned for years! πŸ˜›

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