Si Hui is Busy!

I have been a little busy these days. And of cos, this usually came from work. DEY have been really great and wonderful. I must said, not everyone had this opportunity and chance to set up their own company, working in their comfort zone to achieve something great! I’m still at my learning process in everything we did. I must say, I really learn a lot through my journey in DEY. Something I really really never come across before.

Because of my busy schedule, I usually end work late. Or rather, very ‘early’. Hence, once I reached home, I probably had a quick wash up and off to sleep! πŸ™‚ I have been giving up watching lots of dramas and variety shows that I usually did in the past. No complain, because I’m sacrificing for the good of the company! I think it is just simply, prioritize your life and manage it better.

As much as I wish to watch some entertainment shows after work, I think having more sleeps to get prepare for the next day is definitely more important. But, I’m glad that I still able to squeeze in at least a day of exercising before work. Swimming is the only thing I love, and many friends think I was pretty ‘steady’ to swim in the morning just before work. But that’s the only time I can squeeze! πŸ˜›

I believe being busy lead to many many things. and one of them are – hard to arrange time with friends! I haven met Susze for a long 1 year which is really terrible of me. I hope to arrange and meet maybe after my trip. I have a long list of friends that I need to meet please, give me more time πŸ™‚

And, generally, I doesn’t have much time to blog about my trips/concert. I really really doesn’t have the time to blog on long entry, but I have figure a shorter way FIRST, yet it still taking me ages. But I really wish to share as much here, because this is where all my lovely memories are. And, I have the habit to read my own entries again and again. lol.

AND, one of the reason why I am typing this entry because I’m waiting for the tickets sales for Beast, Beautiful Show in Singapore. My heart beat very fast, and I have no idea how lucky we (emily and i) are for this ticket sales. All the best to me. I have to start to keep track of the timing since its already 947am πŸ™‚

Sorry for the whole chunk of text, and soon you will look forward to more photos! πŸ˜€

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