26 Days in Seoul.

I doesn’t have much time to blog my previously trip before the next one arrive. I felt really upset how I am not as motivated as last time. Well, I give myself a big excuse because I really have lots of work to complete and I doesn’t have much time to blog recently ;P

So, I decided to share with you a day a picture during my last trip πŸ™‚ But no worries, I will still try my very best to blog every single day, and not forgetting, upload all photos to my FB ASAP πŸ˜›


#Day 01: Fly off via Cathay, on our way to HK soon!
#Day 02: Queuing for Inkigayo, Beast have really a BIG HUGE amount of fans
#Day 03: First shopping day over Bus Terminal, we bought so much stuff!!!!! πŸ˜›
#Day 04: Took a 6hrs bus ride to Busan, and went for jimjibang! *shy*
#Day 05: Soak our legs, its COLDDD!
#Day 06: Garfield @ Myeongdong. SOOOOO CUTE!!!
#Day 07: Dream Concert Tickets! (yearly most happening concert!)
#Day 08: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! had my very first birthday oversea πŸ™‚
#Day 09: Won Youngsaeng’s Autograph! “superstar hui’ πŸ˜›
#Day 10: Lotte World, play cheat and got even uglier toy :X
#Day 11: N-Grill @ Namsam Tower! Fine Dining for Fine lady like us πŸ˜›
#Day 12: Jeju Day 1, Teddy Bear Museum
#Day 13: Jeju Day 2, We are lucky, we met this 80+ lady!
#Day 14: Jeju Day 3, Touring some historical and tourism area
#Day 15: Jeju Day 4, Secret Garden Filming location
#Day 16: Went to Hwangbo’s shop to have dinner!
#Day 17: Invited by Perfect (HJ’s korea fc)
#Day18: WON HyunJoong’s showcase + surprise guest Youngsaeng and Kyujong
#Day 19: Ewha University, street food rocks!
#Day 20: Andong Chicken before we went on hibernate mode
#Day 21: Queuing for Music Live Show, get to watch really lots of people :X
#Day 22: Miyo’s last day – headed to Jaksal again
#Day 23: Se7en’s shop that sells really delicious andong chicken!
#Day 24: 7 Monkey have lots siggy, found DooJoon ^^
#Day 25: Namsam Tower, lots of cute and funny locks!
#Day 26: Good Bye Seoul


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