Potential Rising Stars on-the-go!

Dream High is a drama series that tells alot about Korean’s media industry. Students that works very hard to get into a performing arts school, and wish they could be somebody great one day. Somebody like Rain, Se7en, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls. Season 2 is already into their ep11/12 which tells another story that battle between celebrity students and normal students. Well, this is not what I’m going to say. I always talk about ‘useless and not objective things’.

In Dream High 2, Ailee from Hershe (together with T-ara Jiyeon and Sistar Hyorin) is really a good singer. She is ‘label’ as Korean Beyonce. She is having her comeback stage with powerful voice that shake your heart! I really love her voice, and I think after listening, you will know what is SINGING ;)

Ailee – Heaven

Ailee – The Greatest of Love (by Whitney Houston)

And, now JB who yet debut as a duet singer. My current favourite from DH2. I think he really has the potential to go even further with his singing and dancing skill :) I think if he stay THIS CUTE, I will probably continue to support his good music when he debut :P

JB & Kang Sora – I Need A Girl

JB – When I Can’t Sing

Still in JB fever in Dream High 2 and hopefully, JB and Kang Sora will get together :)



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