SBYX Posting!!!!

If talking about Yaoxiu, it gonna be JB’s posting again!!!

JB currently one of the main lead in Dream High 2. The problem with DH (1/2) is that, they have sooo many leads that I am always unsure who is first or 2nd lead lol. Sometimes it takes awhile to know who is, or rather, till the end of the drama? LOL!!! But I’m sure JB as well as (2AM) Jinwoon shld be the Main Male Lead for DH2. Anyway the main point is not on who is or who is not…..! And why am I talking about this….. *brrrr*

JB is his stage name, same for his role in Dream High 2. His real name is Im Jae Bum, which just so happen to be similar as Jay Park. Hence, he uses his intial as his stage name. Well, I should say… calling himself JB had much more character in it. So stylo!

In Dream High 2, he acted as an Idol from a duet boyband. In reality, he is also from a duet boy band – J&J, that will be debuting the next half of the year. J&J that make up of JB and JR, another fellow cast from Dream High 2 as well! Super Cool!!! This group have been trainee for the past 2 years odd, and both of them came in ties for 1st place during the 5th JYP Audition. Who would have guess and know they will be debuting from a drama instead?

JB is a talented guy who sing pretty good, dance quite well and HE CAN ACT too! (For a first timer!) My mind just simply have his image of singing When I Can’t Sing. This sing suit his role in DH2 totally! Oh My!



LOL! But he is cute :/
And I hope he and KangSoRa will be together!
Please dont do it like DH1, let them be together!!! :S


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  • HAHAHAHA!!! when i click want to see reply, i saw this post.. *laugh die me*!!!!
    indeed brighten up my day in Office reading the post..xDD

    • Haha this is a 名副其实 sbyx entry man! Hahha and JB so cute!!! And and this show is coming to an end sooo soon ;( jialat I felt yx man!

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