Hello Rain Idol, Hyun Joong!

Have you bought your tickets to KHJ’s Fanmeet Tour 2012?
He will be here in Singapore in another few hours time, and, looks outside of the window… Do you see RAIN?

(Tickets still available, grab now!)

It is always the case, that any of the SS501 members come to SG (or any country), it will rain. The last time KHJ was here in Singapore, it rained quite badly too! As I continue my entry, it RAIN even badly. My goddess!

KHJ is coming to SG in just a few hours, exciting? nervous? happy!

Here’s photos from Incheon. (Drawing you to his FM this coming friday!)


Thanks everyone for sharing handsome photos of HJ heading to Singapore! 🙂
Hope there’s lots of fans waiting for him here, its a office hours. (his fans most likely to be OL/working adult. keke)

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