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Thank you, and thank you.

It’s been 4 days since the fan meet, 1 day since he left SG, but I can’t help to say I really enjoyed the FM so much that I think I could be having this withdrawal symptoms big time! The last few times he came, left and all that left in me is his smile, but this time is more than that. I guessed this is a very difficult sentence to digest, unless you are a fan yourself. be it KHJ’s fan or some other idol’s. 

To be exact, I was always a follower in KDrama, and slowly to KPOP. Getting more knowledge in music, drama and even places in Korea. I might not been there, but I have slight knowledge due to the drama I watched in the past. And, it is until when KPOP was seriously HOT in Asia, and even Europe, I started to be active in Fandom. And, it is also during my bad times at work at friendship where I found something that push me, giving me much motivation that I couldn’t imagine. The laughter and smile I lost since, I got it back while enjoyed everything from someone far, someone doesn’t know me. As much as I know the fact, this gonna remain, and nothing gonna changed except I will probably get too obsess over these again and again….. But, it a force that push me on, and getting me on track. I was totally thankful how all these given me. (this might sound silly though)

During KHJ fanmeet, I was sitting with a reporter who have clueless about Kpop, Korean Idol and every single thing. She asked how I get to know some of the friends, and even how I was into KHJ. How’s my journey that brought me here…. This remind me of so many thing so much stuff that I missed out while blogging on KHJ FM.

I shared with her, my journey. 

My friends, most of my friends unlike me, they doesn’t go crazy over Idols, or even to the extend of attending their showcase/ concert/ fan meet. I guessed, I was one and only one. I believe they doesn’t understand how and why this become part of my life and how i was able to gain ‘anything’ from there. Of cos, being in a fandom, and enjoy this doesn’t help in my work or anything. Many people think that I was a little crazy over this, at this age, or spending money on albums and tickets. 

But, I guessed it is also hard for them to understand. Though, I might be cheerful on the outside, there’s a millions of things that I am always thinking. I’m just like anyone, and during bad times, I will get upset and emotion unstable too. And, I guessed this is not too hard to guess, watching them on variety, do make me forget everything and make me at least happy, smile again and motivate me through their life experience. I love watching Strong Heart, hearing stories from them. To know how difficult they have been through, leaving their hometown to somewhere far, and living on their own… What’s my problem is to them? They definitely motivate me somehow, which I’m glad, very very sincerely grateful.

KHJ, you thanks your fans always there for you, loving you, and appreciate every music you produce. The drama you acted you knew you wasn’t the best, but giving your best because fans are always supporting you. You doesn’t wish to disappoint any, and always giving your best in every area you could. Bringing your music everywhere to give all your fans that support that they never stop giving. You felt thankful and appreciate all these, it doesn’t happened for no reason. You made this happened because everyone see your sincerity. And, I finally see it clearly too!

All I wanted to say is… thank you. You might not know, you actually helped many to get back track in life. A dance, a song, a hand shake, a autograph, a photo session, anything that you sincerely give really helped us. I’m sure everyone been through the worst and got the supportive hands from you, that you never knew. 

(I have so much to say and I have no idea when this post gonna end if I continue :P)

Thank you, and hope you will always be the shining star in the universal, perfect in everyone eyes.

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