New Loves

Happy Gadgets!

Just bought snowieee a few months back!
this is a gift from six+one+one and myself.



it’s been of a great uses – personal & work.
basically i uses it daily at home and outside.

a very good gadget for me to read more design news.
blogging and youtube-ing. A great gadget i must say!

And, just a week ago!
I went for a re-contract for Samsung Galaxy Note!


The reason is to maintain my 2GB data plan
since I am having multi-sim with my iPad!
And I have no confident to keep it under 2GB per month.
So re-contract is the best way for me at this moment.

and, I have been a happy Samsung user lately! ๐Ÿ™‚

Share with me more fun stuff while using iPad & Note! :DD

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