Getting…. Excited!!!




    • 슈퍼스타

      Yeah! not exactly very soon, but quite soon. 3 more months to go! My friend is studying in Melbourne, and we will be paying her a visit and touring with her around. And flying to Tasmania together! hur hur. My very very first time there, have you been there before? Any tips? hehe. Getting excited over this trip…!!

      You are flying to Bangkok soon as well right? Envy! Have fun toooo! Saw your post on Expo! Felt like going… the last time in China, I also felt like going. I guessed its a cultural and great experience too!!! :DD

      • wonderrrgirl

        Wow! How long will you be there? I’ve only been to Perth and Gold Coast! Don’t think you’re going to any of them leh. If it’s a longer trip, must go Gold Coast! The beach is super awesome and the sand so soft! Got hot guys surfing on the beach too haha! And of course, must go see the three ‘worlds’!

        Perth a bit far from where you are going ah.

        For Melbourne, go see the National Gallery of Victoria (The glass ceilings!) Queen Victoria Street market, and I heard they have some good museums (not the cui and sian kind) but cannot remember the name. Oh, and must go beach!!! Night life v awesome around the beach areas!

      • wonderrrgirl

        Expo not bad leh. Quite interesting. Regret not going to the aquarium, i heard it’s good. But the wait is like 2 hours… >.< Will try again when I go. Going Expo again next week or in two weeks time! (Can't rmb when already hahaha)

  1. 슈퍼스타

    I will be there for like 2 weeks! Actually, I wanted to go Gold Coast, but the time doesn’t allow. I need another trip there next time to travel to Brisbane and Gold Coast. But, this is gonna be expensive since we will not be able to stay at my friend place haha! :/ — HOT guy surfing and it will be hot weather of me sweating all over hahaha! But I will try to look sexy by the beach HAHAHA!!

    Okay! noted those places you mentioned! Gonna ask my friend to bring us around! She mentioned Melbourne have really alot of fun places! Aww, she scolded me that 2 weeks is not enough at all LOL!

    hehe!!! yeah, but I think the previous expo at shanghai is worth. Too many people. I heard the wait can be as good as 3 hours there. But, its like nan de you get to go to the place and there’s expo. it is all worth waiting! :DDD

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