Summer Aussie: Finally!

Yes! From my previous entry, I guessed you have already know I’m finally heading to Australia for a relax trip. Not much of rushing, but more likely to rest and relax through-out the entire trip. Sound very unlike me, but I guessed it is good sometimes to slow down, take a look at your surrounding and being with friends you haven’t seen for such a long period.

Dearest Yodo had enrolled for her degree course since last year in RMIT. We have been really fixing and finding a proper dates since then to visit her. We can get crazy, fun with each other, and she will also able to bring us around since she have been there more than a year. Not only that, the lucky us, get to stay at her place too. Imagine, we can have lots of fun, chatting at night and doing massive cooking as well. LOL! Massive cooking by her, and massive eating by us. HAHAHAHHAHA! πŸ˜›

So looking forward πŸ™‚ Seems like Melbourne is just so fun from her photos and the few exchange email we had since yesterday! haha!

Checking out ticket is one of the most difficult thing to do, since it’s all about comfort and money. Either we get a very cheap flight over, and get torture for at least a good 7 hours. Or, we could just enjoyed our safe and comfortable journey with that huge amount for the ticket.Β I have checked with Yodo, that her mum took emirate previously at $880 odd. I thought that was quite a great deal since most flight cost mostly $1.3-$1.5k. And, what I like about it is that — Direct flight. I mean I doesn’t need to waste any extra time on transit.

I have a cousin working for Emirate, and she is able to advise me on the ticket cost as well as getting a ticket for me at a good rate – 40%. Yes just pay 40% with condition like, unsure if I will be able to board the flight due to full. Have more or less confirmed with her, but the problem is that we just changed of plan to fly Tasmania directly when we reached Melbourne. Hence, I wasn’t very sure if I can’t take off for the flight, will I able to fly in time with the rest to Tasmania. Hence, just to safe, I decided to save that 40% discount for the next time – Cousin’s Winter Trip next year.

And, was checking out the tickets from Emirates and Singapore Air for the flight. And, realize the ticket sold out so fast that we have to keep changing our departure date!! And, finally we managed to secure our air ticket with Singapore Air! We are so glad that we manage to get a flight with SQ A380 to-and-from Melbourne. And, the happy part is our ticket cost $886.80! Love traveling with Singapore Air, because they give me the 100% ease and comfort.

And, one of the best thing for SQ Flight is that, their seafood meal on board is delicious! Have already arrange my meal with them – HAPPY!

As I need to get VISA for this Aussie trip, something that I didn’t have experience before. Glad that this can be obtain at any travel agencies. Heng! to make thing so much simpler for me… – Β I have a tour guide friend who work for his uncle’s agency – NEWS SHAN TRAVEL. Most of my travel problems get solve right here! Thanks Alvin! πŸ™‚

Right now, just need to wait for the day to arrive πŸ™‚

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