I was feeling very very tired for the past few days, and I conclude that I did not have much hours of sleep even on the weekend. I didn’t manage to get my beauty sleep. (I know, as usual) hur hur. As much as I didn’t sleep much, but I really play a lot. and why? Because SIX+ONE unite and we will be out to play for the entire coming week! ^^

And, I only reached home and get to sleep by 4am in the morning (after the surprise, will blog soon!) In short, I took a nap after having only 3 hours of sleep (in the morning!) before heading out again for my mummy’s birthday dinner. And, just before the sleep, I was sharing with carol some funny clip. Probably this lead to the dream LOL! πŸ™‚



This dream definitely feel so much better than the previous one (Tiffany sat on Minwoo’s lap in some random survival game). It’s like almost cannot take it, as much as Tiffany become prettier and I doesn’t dislike her as much now. hur hur! But this dream did ‘improved’ HAHA! The weirdest thing happened is that, I almost able to remember 75% of the dreams, I did not know why but if I didn’t share immediately, I will probably forget it as time goes… hur hur.

AND, this is just a short entry, and this is gonna be a… SUDDEN CIAO! bye! πŸ™‚

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