Hello Hong Kong 2012 | D4

I have been back from HK for like 5 months, and yet complete my entry on this. I guessed too much photos do play a very very strong part. I have more than 100 photos to be edited and not forgetting editing that might takes me a good 3 days! And, I realize how long this gonna takes, even I have already selected the photos out from the many many. And, I found that, one of the best way to feature the journey of this magical trip will be video. So, I in fact pull all the selected photos and put it together into a video. I think this really make thing so much easier for me. So, sorry about the non-edited photos, and yeah, nevertheless, I love disneyland! 🙂

– This video take me like 3 nights/ 3 mornings to do it. Not that it is very good, but I really can’t find time except waking up early, and sleeping late for this. MY GOD!

(i was really busy the week before with parties, and now gonna be pack like sandwiches for works. and not forgetting the new ventures! look out for this space~ i’m sharing more this on coming weekend, maybe a scheduled post on saturday if i have really times to work on it on a friday~ I have noticed the busy period for now and realize it gonna be all the way till october, breathe breathe while i still have time to type this out~)

I missed disneyland so much, well, don’t ask me how much is the ticket because my cousin paid for it. Most of the meals are paid so I have totally no idea too :/



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