Baby Bird

Few months ago (I can’t remember when…), my brother actually bought 2 love birds home. And for the last few weeks… they lay eggs, and even hatched one of them. The entire family is still amuse of what had actually happened! Because we thought it is so difficult to breed from home base especially we didn’t expected it at all. So, from a tiny little one, to furless and now, the little bird have green fur (same as the mom or dad…!) haha! I can’t help to post this photo everywhere because he/she is just so cute! I still very very amuse by this πŸ˜›

my mummy have a conversation with me yesterday because she is so worried about the birds…

mummy: last weekend, there’s a cat outside the door… and it keep meow-ing right after the birds’s chirping!
me: maybe they are talking, we don’t understand what are they talking about too.
mummy: it prolong for quite a while, I’m so worried about the birds… If the cat jumped in, definitely will eat up the bird…
me: huh? won’t lahhhh
mummy: you know tweety bird right? the cat also wanted to eat up the birds too. Cat do eat birds…
mummy & me: BURST INTO LAUGHTER! haha

okay, ζˆ‘ζ˜―ηˆΈε¦ˆδΊ²η”Ÿηš„γ€‚

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