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Perfect Man, I should say it’s more likely to be PERFECT MEN. They are no longer young like the olden day, neither they are the big thing in Korea right now. But, their effort was really well-appreciated by many. Their latest album are really well-produced! I must say all 10 songs are good, and all of their individual uniquely melody and lyrics. I really admired them a lot, despite the fight between boyband was so hot right now (Super Junior, Beast, Big Bang, Mblaq and many more), they actually having their comeback (in march). What, I felt touched was — They did this not to be idol once again…. rather they give their fans a promise, they are going to be back. It wasn’t the fight that matter, they enjoyed the stage and performance and give everyone who have waiting for them for the past 4 years. To think that Minwoo only released on 1 March, they have already prepared so much for their comeback and THE RETURN CONCERT on 24 March was really grateful.

Now you see how much they put in to make this happen despite they might be in different agency now. (WAHLAO! 雞皮疙瘩ing again…)

(I can’t say I understand or know them individually, whether this could be just for show or they really want it badly… THEY STILL DO IT FOR THEIR FANS! Don’t you think that is really grateful enough? Don’t you wished that your idols did the same for their group? Don’t you think this effort is not just little but huge promise between the idols and fans? Minwoo mentioned in the concert before – We have nothing but you. Its so true, Idols/Celebrity have nothing but just their fans… without their fans… seriously, do you think anything is ever possible? Their luxury was more or less contribute by their fans… I’m so glad that they knew and still knowing this… Whether how long this will last – no one knew, but…. at these at this moment, they made the promise to their fans 4 years back, they doesn’t need to… but they did, and definitely, 願了粉絲的小小的願望. Whatever they did more, is an extra more, if not, it is a beautiful ending too. — BUT i really hope they will last very very long!!!)

I must say SHCJ really went through a lot and this was a really good answer for their 4 years of waiting. So touched! You should watched the ‘Special Event’ that SHCJ did for Shinhwa during their 10th Anniversary Concert, even typing this, I’m having 雞皮疙瘩!  Nevertheless, I must say 6 of them that makes each other special, and indeed, Shinhwa mentioned in the interview was pretty heartwarming.

“I would like to tell those people to always remember that they started as a team and they could not have pulled off such success without the other members’ support in the back”

That’s what I thought so too! I feel, no matter how successful your group were in the past, it wasn’t just a single effort, unless you started out to be a solo artist. If not, it is definitely each other support (or maybe somehow they made you outshine from the group). I felt that was heartwarming enough, if you remembered what Eric mentioned in WINWIN for their re-contract in SME. He knew he wanted to be with the group and DID NOT signed with SME for his own good. I thought that was brave enough, and I think that’s what a leader should do. Anyway, I think SHINHWA could show a good example to all their hoobae who might being through the re-contract and enlisted issue.

Anyway, this wasn’t the main purpose of this entry, but it just happened 😛

I wanted to blog about this song – PERFECT MAN by SHINHWA. This is quite a meaningful song for me, because I know them from Perfect Man & T.O.P (shall talk about TOP next time hur hur…) So, let me show you various version for the past few years of performance! Aigoo, I really like this song! 🙂


Yeah~ Uh~ 그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한대도 Cause you are the one

모두 변한다 해도 (난 변하지 않겠어) 그냥 내버려둬
나의 그녀에겐 시간이 필요할 테니까 난 기다려야만돼
때론 힘들겠지 항상 네 곁엔 완벽한 사랑이 있어
내가 줄 수 없던 많은 것 세상을 다 가진 너일 테니까

그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한대도 Cause you are the one
다신 내게 니가 없던 시련 또 없을 거야.
내 품에 네가 이젠 쉴 수 있도록 (Resqueme..yeah..woo..)

네가 떠나버리기 전엔 (아무것도 몰랐어) 내게 중요했던건 오~
나일뿐 이젠 깨달았어 너무 늦었지만 너를 알아본거야 하나의 사랑인걸
제발 내게 닥친 고통 속에서 나를 구해내 주겠니
일 년 같은 하루를 사는 게 너무 힘에 겨워 견딜 수 없어.

그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한대도 Cause you are the one
다신 내게 니가 없던 시련 또 없을 거야.
내 품에 네가 이젠 쉴 수 있도록 (Resqueme..yeah..woo..)

Ya, the perfect man is who I be,
sittin’ on top with ya, but more swifter,
stronger than your nob liquor, money hoes and
clothes don’t let the clues get ya, they not fear.

혹시 너 기억 속에 내가 아주 덤덤하게 느껴질 땐
모닝커피 향기처럼 곧 사라질 땐
마지막 기회를 내게 줄 순 없나 다시 시작해

넌 내가 얼마나 힘들었는지 알거야 너의 곁을 떠난 적 없어 (Call me~)
날 받아준다면 내 모든게 변할 거야 너이기를 간절히 원해 원해

그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한대도 Cause you are the one
다신 내게 니가 없던 시련 또 없을 거야.
내 품에 네가 이젠 쉴 수 있도록 (Resqueme..yeah..woo..)

See time don’t stop, the crime don’t stop,
So I won’t stop till I’m sittin’ on top, to every home
phone and a cells gets parked,
and every hard top get chopped to we drop

Shinhwa – Perfect Man Official MV


Shinhwa – Perfect Man Chinese Version


就要为你活一天 今生今世的今年 coz u’re the one 昨夜午时正在变 (我决永远不会变)就让爱误会 oh my love 还是需要一些些时间考验 期待明天的明天 也许感到疲惫 因为在你身边 既然有爱又求完美 无能为力 我给不了一切 你现在该快乐 拥有全世界 就要为你活一天 今生今世的今年 coz u’re the one oh我的爱 身边没有你 痛苦 又再出现 只盼望你能够停留在我身边 rescue me yeah woo 在你离开 离开 的时间 (为什么都没发现) 是我多么 多么重要的蓝天 哦 但是我懂了 我来不及 但我 元来那么爱你的 你就是唯一的love 可不可以帮我 从痛苦中脱逃 过来救救我好不好 久留如念 数着分分秒秒 无法承受煎熬 我快受不了 就要为你活一天 今生今世的今年 coz u’re the one oh我的爱 身边没有你 痛苦 又再出现 只盼望你能够停留在我身边

Shinhwa – Perfect Man Acoustic Version, 2012 @ MUST


FANCAM – Shinhwa – Perfect Man Live in Singapore, 2012

notice Junjin’s solo part 🙂 *cute*



Shinhwa – Perfect man, 5th Album Comeback


Shinhwa – Perfect man (in Pyeongyang, 2003)

still finding them performing in Pyeongyang 9 years back is a little amazing!


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