Hello Will Pan!

Happy Day with Wilber Pan!

I was totally happy that Wilber include Singapore as one of stop in 釋放自己演唱會 World Tour.
It’s been really long he last been to Singapore (exclude the one for Star Awards)
And this will be his very first and solo concert after debuting for 11years as a singer!

(though in 2004, he came Singapore for a joint concert together with Zhangshanwei)

jFeng and me even thought of traveling out of SG to watch his concert if SG wasn’t include.
But, glad and super glad that SG is part of the tour, and we can’t hide our excitement too!

As many knows, yes, we brought our tickets – 1st row too.
Happy that we manage to have such luck. ^^

And just a week ago, there’s news about #潘瑋柏釋放自己谢票會
Of cos, no matter what we had and have to go for this right 🙂

P.S. it’s a 擁抱會….

(I took 200 photos in just maybe 30mins haha, filter a little, and selected about 13 photos that I loved the most)

 photo P5243025copy_zps1c6c4093.jpg

 photo P5243021copy_zps02e0b047.jpg

#Promo Truck 🙂

 photo P5243208copy_zpsfb1c55f2.jpg

#me with jfeng, a friend I knew since we were 5yo! 🙂

 photo P5243203copy_zpsbf413ac5.jpg

#*heart heart*

 photo P5243161copy_zps600cc0b2.jpg

 photo P5243150copy_zps499d7045.jpg

#cheeky look 🙂

 photo P5243142copy_zps614d1904.jpg

 photo P5243140copy_zps062ab76d.jpg

#So charming!

 photo P5243131copy_zps08c84465.jpg

 photo P5243129copy_zpsb078b870.jpg

 photo P5243096copy_zpsaea1d17f.jpg


 photo P5243091copy_zpsf55b983c.jpg

 photo P5243086copy_zps2f81ef90.jpg


Everyone wished there’s always a special moment with their Idol.
And, I think mine was really good enough because I was one of the first 100 to get his autograph poster.
As I was walking up the stage, WillPan showed a double twist (peace sign) to me.
This is memorable enough because that something I love to do heh heh.

I told him, Thanks for coming to Singapore, Thank you – the longest line I ever talked to him.
This is HOW NERVOUS i am, despite for all the years I went for his events.

Before I left, I hi-10 to him. Nothing can explain how happy I am that he is coming for concert.
It’s been 11 years of supports. My friends say, ‘her first love lah’ – haha

Usually, I will avoid media cameras as I probably doesn’t wish to appear on papers the next few days (ha!)
but once Wilber took out his own hp and did a Selca with his fans… I do hope I will be part of his photo on his Instagram.
(that’s fan service everyone! Wilber always love his fans ~ ^^)


I did a animated gif of wilber being charming 😛

 photo P5243129-giflow_zps5b85d5f8.gif


that’s very night probably after his dinner in SG, he posted the photo he selca with his fans.
(after that, many friends start sending photos and telling me they SAW ME haha LOL)

How nice to be feature in his INSTAGRAM. *super touched!*
Did you saw me too? and of cos, the big hello kitty case wasn’t too difficult to spot too 😛

 photo photo1copy_zpsa6177401.jpg

 photo photo3copy_zpsa14725c3.jpg

And on that day, I actually thanks Wilber on my instagram with a short write-up about how thankful I am.
And GUESS WHAT!!!! HE LIKES MY PHOTO. *i am really really happy*
So, he probably read what I wrote too 🙂 I considered this as a great birthday gift he gave to me.

 photo photo5copy_zpsc6b89233.jpg

And, when I didn’t expect anything and get really SURPRISE by this.
Wilber actually put the photo I took of him in his… Instagram!!!

I felt really happy and gandong, and many of my friends felt happy for me too.
it’s like a great birthday gift in total since he announced SG as one of the stop.

Thank you for making Singapore a stop in your tour.
Thank you for coming to Singapore in my birthday month.
Thank you for giving a great lovely double peace sign and hi10.
Thank you for posting the selca photo (and i was inside) in your IG.
Thank you for liking my photo with thankful words (its real from my heart).
Thank you for posting the cute photo I took of you in your IG.


16 thoughts on “Hello Will Pan!”

      • Haha, nope I’m not. I just registered last night via online though. Hoping to find friends that like will too! ^^ your photos of him during the event at bugis junction was really awesome!! I didn’t manage to take such good photos! Ha!

        • hehe! Oh, so you are sort of the official fan club member now? hehe! Yeah, I am one of them been following him since his debut haha 🙂

          Teeheehee, Thank you! I took quite a handful of photos and select some to put on the web. So, those selected are pretty much better. I regret why I didn’t get the zoom lens haha :/

  • Actually I don’t really know how to go about for the fan club thing. Probably because its my first time joining. Yea (: I like him since his first album too! Teehee! Why didn’t you join the FC? Will get like chance to see him more closer isn’t it?

    • Actually no offence to any fan clubs in particular, I always believe that, being just a member or rather non contribute member in a FC will not gain any benefit in see him closer in terms of having a dinner with him etc. If a FC have 500 members, I am very sure not all 500 members will get to go for the dinner date with him. And, most of the time, those main committee members will get the chance first. If you are referring to fetching him at Airport etc, I think we always have a chance as long we make the effort to the airport 🙂

      But, well, everyone support their idols in their own way. Like for me, buying his albums and attending his concert is part of my support. Whether being in a FC is not really matters anymore. I have friends who support their idols differently like flying to the country every times for their promotion. I think we do at our own pace and I’m sure Wilber doesn’t really take it to heart whether we are the club member or not. But of cos, certain information only release to the FC (in all fan clubs in music industry) but this also depend if the FC will share to all their normal members 🙂 It’s all depend on the structure of how the President manage the club. 🙂

      Now, I can’t wait for Wilber to be here once again. It’s been 10 years since his last concert and that wasn’t even his solo concert! I am very very anticipating, I believe you too! 🙂

      • awww ~ good points (: I can’t make it to his concert 🙁 I will be at Taiwan when he’s having his concert in Singapore ~ feeling so depressed that I can’t be there. Don’t know when will be the next time he will come to Sg again.

  • Oh! I thought you will able to catch him when he is Singapore! Though we are all unsure when he will be back to Singapore again. Let’s hope he will be heading Malaysia soon, and maybe you able to see him there? Or maybe you are lucky to meet him in Taiwan during your trip?

    • I was so depressed when he announced he will be holding a concert in Singapore on the 20th July ~ by then I already booked my flight. after so many years, like finally he is gonna do it in Singapore! And now that I grow older, I have the “ability” to go for his concert. But sigh ~~ if he’s holding it in Malaysia, I will definitely make it there.

  • Thanks Babe. I realise your posts other than about Will Pan, other posts are interesting too (: heh

    • 🙂 Thank you!

      Thanks for the kind words! I actually love to blog my travel experiences and share it here whether if there’s any readers around. When I am bored, I will read through the past entries and remind me of the fun I previously had! 😀

      But recently, I was quite tight at work, so I doesn’t have time to go through the photos and write something. There’s so much I wish to share, I hope I will be free over the weekend to do so 😛

      Thanks for enjoying the entries ^^

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