Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert 2013.

Exactly one year ago, we flew to Korea, my favourite country. We planned to go Jeju, Busan and go for many cafes-hopping together. And conjunction, we planned to attend Shinhwa 15th Anniversary as well.

Its gonna be the most awesome concert I ever attend. I love the fun and the joy they gave to us, despite its just a short 3 hours. They worked hard enough to give us their very best. We worked hard enough to earn the little bit to give them the maximum support.

The orange sea is ever, forever.

I also want to thank my 2 best travel companion ever. because of you two, it marked my most awesome trip ever. Thanks for taking care of my crazy moment πŸ™‚

I didn’t mean to keep singing that few songs haha :/

 photo P3160229copy_zps58a8594b.jpg

 photo P3160218copy_zps7930d613.jpg

 photo P3170263copy_zpsb3bbb3ea.jpg

 photo P3170260copy_zps537bbceb.jpg

 photo P3170261copy_zps9564afcc.jpg

 photo P3160232copy_zps4df35452.jpg

 photo P3160224copy_zps86acfa7f.jpg

 photo P3160223copy_zps07e7702a.jpg

 photo P3160220copy_zps1897ccd2.jpg

 photo P3160221copy_zpsbfc0cc11.jpg

 photo P3160222copy_zpsfacbea4d.jpg

 photo P3160208copy_zps9df6d774.jpg

 photo P3170297copy_zps5e04c47b.jpg photo P3170307copy_zps751e4c25.jpg

 photo P3170306copy_zpsb079f65b.jpg

 photo P3170305copy_zps51b59c45.jpg

 photo P3170299copy_zps6a70e381.jpg

 photo P3170298copy_zpsd6acb4d8.jpg

 photo P3160226copy_zps928b312f.jpg

 photo P3160228copy_zpsb6e04677.jpg

 photo P3160237copy_zps74b5eae9.jpg

 photo P3160235copy_zpsb119a5a0.jpg

 photo P31602183copy_zps7719a3c0.jpg

 photo P31602181_zps5193dc51.jpg

 photo P31602182_zps195c72fc.jpg

 photo P3170272copy_zps0ce0a0f5.jpg

 photo P3170312copy_zps116c1673.jpg

 photo P3170308copy_zps6083855a.jpg

 photo P3170248copy_zps60e9aba1.jpg

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