Awesome 9 days taiwan trip with my childhood friend.
our first trip together though we known each other since 5.
its pretty awesome, fun and thankful that she planned everything.
taipei, cingjing and changhua with different colours and cultures.

 photo PA242699copy_zps7588511c.jpg
#shihlin night market

 photo 2014_1024_135602_003copy_zpsf3f90212.jpg
#one of the best meals in taipei.

 photo 2014_1023_141253_002copy_zps5359ed85.jpg
#always start a day with bubble tea! :)

 photo 2014_1022_195620_001copy_zps5cb573a1.jpg
#dinner at dazzling cafe

 photo PA222454copy_zps718c3b22.jpg

 photo PA222416copy_zpsc1c3ec80.jpg
#i love railway tracks

 photo 2014_1022_140018_003copy_zpsd5b07319.jpg
#tourist spot at changhua

 photo PA222368copy_zpsa62ab812.jpg
#famous cafe in dacun

 photo 2014_1022_100108_003copy_zpsb80e49f5.jpg
#vineyard behind our guesthouse :)

 photo PA222275copy_zps60619479.jpg
#balcony view of our guesthouse

 photo PA212019copy_zpsebdd6152.jpg
#sunrise at hehuanshan

 photo PA211998copy_zpsf1c42f6a.jpg

 photo 2014_1021_063117_001copy_zps6bdb438f.jpg
#tourist spot :p

 photo PA201899copy_zps773325fc.jpg
#sunset at cingjing

 photo PA201854copy_zps29b34ecf.jpg
#awesome view

 photo PA201842copy_zps87ba94f6.jpg
#land of sheep

 photo PA201833copy_zps1149e4df.jpg
#silver grass

 photo PA201820copy_zpsd69c221f.jpg
#hello meh meh

 photo PA201801copy_zps2d95b6bd.jpg
#beautiful cingjing

 photo IMG_20141019_213459copy_zps66107ffc.jpg
#smelly tofu & duck blood

 photo IMG_20141019_152828copy_zps861bebb7.jpg
#honey creme

 photo PA181581copy_zpsebd16594.jpg
#you had to bring one back!

 photo PA181570copy_zpsae319017.jpg
#in the train

 photo PA181561copy_zps33dd2789.jpg
#shi da :)

I will try to finish up my travelogue soon :p

Photo taken either by Olympus EP3 / Samsung Note 3 / SJ4000
More at Instagram: #hellosihuigoestaiwan


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