Autumn HongKong 2014

[Travel in 2014]

Holiday is fun, but an impromptu holiday will be even more exciting! We probably just looking at the fare for fun, without knowing we will booked a ticket. And off I go, and here I’m back too. 5 days of happiness and fun.

so, I’m sharing my 5 days happiness in a short photoblog entry πŸ™‚
This is where happiness begins…

 photo 2014_1104_230718_002copy_zps8579a873.jpg
#Steamboat at Mongkok.
 photo 20141104_105756copy_zps1a00f933.jpg
#Tim Ho Wan
 photo 2014_1104_101922_001copy_zps27a30824.jpg
#Waiting for our dimsum πŸ™‚
 photo PB022985copy_zpsb77df197.jpg
#every HK Drama setting
 photo PB022975copy_zps4b59b9ed.jpg
#Night is still young
 photo 2014_1102_214747_006copy_zpsa119703f.jpg
 photo PB022968copy_zps28b78b04.jpg
#typical hongkong housing style
 photo PB022965copy_zpse21a1768.jpg
#smelly tofu
 photo PB022959copy_zpsacf74913.jpg
#small bus
 photo 2014_1102_150106_003copy_zps14305fe9.jpg
 photo PB022952copy_zpscb931df1.jpg
#Three Eyed Monster/Alien πŸ™‚
 photo PB022928copy_zps1e71c0c2.jpg
#HK Style Yakut from 7/11
 photo PB022923copy_zps16db8b26.jpg
#Mak Noodle, my favourite because the wanton is fully prawn πŸ™‚
 photo PB022917copy_zpsc648d16d.jpg
#hongkong style
 photo 2014_1102_113658_008copy_zpsfce7d2bd.jpg
#hello for breakfast πŸ™‚
 photo PB012891copy_zpsa7b873df.jpg
#there’s always room for dessert. It taste really nice πŸ˜‰
 photo IMG_20141101_115025copy_zpse89df31d.jpg
 photo PB012870copy_zps24e4a898.jpg
 photo PB012869copy_zps9db70b54.jpg
#HongKong estate never change from 14years ago
 photo IMG_20141101_100105copy_zpsac9f9f62.jpg
#all kinds of transport
 photo 20141101_094147copy_zps6ea141b3.jpg
 photo PB012850copy_zpsdaeec5ba.jpg
#most awesome ramen I ever eaten! πŸ™‚
 photo 2014_1101_090428_004copy_zps565855e5.jpg
#awesome could even be the best word to describe
 photo 2014_1101_085626_002copy_zps1d14ac03.jpg
#you have to eat alone
 photo 2014_1101_072019_003copy_zps343d640f.jpg
#look refreshing because its the first day πŸ™‚
 photo PB033614copy_zps8abb2539.jpg
And happiness begins…

#Disneyland fireworks are really gorgeous
 photo PB033462copy_zps334e18e9.jpg
#Light Parade at Night (7pm) – Hello Beauty!
 photo PB033453copy_zpsc16c64bd.jpg
#and so, we finally get to see Ariel
 photo PB033435copy_zps24161e15.jpg
#Sulley looks so cute and friendly!
 photo 2014_1103_190406_006copy_zps0db22368.jpg
#how about selca with the disney character?
 photo 2014_1103_184650_004copy_zps0bf733d7.jpg
#my pal mickey! πŸ™‚
 photo PB033406copy_zps1234ab30.jpg
#this is so pretty
 photo 2014_1103_184009_002copy_zps691f66f7.jpg
#honey lover – winnie the pooh!
 photo 2014_1103_183501_001copy_zps2169fe90.jpg
#naughty goofy!
 photo 2014_1103_182803_001copy_zps68caa727.jpg
#pluto looking so cute, and posing for a selca
 photo PB033384copy_zpsd4c82afb.jpg
#hi-tea at corner cafe was awesome! we had it like near dinner time πŸ™‚
 photo PB033361copy_zps3b5a8161.jpg
#the light-up ice cube on this interesting (blueberry + lemon lime) drink!
 photo PB033189copy_zps39501fd3.jpg
#Sleeping Beauty looking for his prince…?
 photo 2014_1103_143838_001copy_zps31f21eaa.jpg
my favourite princess πŸ™‚
 photo 2014_1103_143001_002copy_zps86cde147.jpg
#you need a mickey mouse ice cream if you visited Disneyland!
 photo PB033166copy_zps4a7eac2a.jpg
#and of cos, the waffle :p
 photo PB033159copy_zpsea147767.jpg
 photo 2014_1103_112406_001copy_zps3ca3c62d.jpg
#and definitely, a selca with my pal, mickey!
 photo PB033099copy_zpse6d15c35.jpg
#everything starts from the train. Its so pretty!
 photo PB033091copy_zps7daa1dcd.jpg
 photo 2014_1103_094725_004copy_zps57d973da.jpg
 photo 2014_1103_094624_002copy_zps257679f6.jpg

I will, I will…. try (my very best haha) to finish up my travelogue soon :p

Photo taken either by Olympus EP3 / Samsung Note 3 / SJ4000
More at Instagram: #2HuiInHK / #hellosihuigoeshk

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