Korea: 도리키친 Dori Kitchen

I have been to Itaewon a few times, but I didn’t really shop or walk around Itaewon which I really wants to. So my recent trip with clarice, we actually venture a little more than usual. We walked around shopped around, and in fact, we actually thought of visiting one of the restaurant opened by one of the Master Chef Korea candidate. But sadly, the restaurant was having some photoshoot, hence its not opened for public. But, we saw a pretty looking restaurant, with a name call Dori Kitchen with a hidden address. We looked in the menu, its something light, and thought, why not we just have this 🙂

 photo P3210198copy_zpse7cdd696.jpg

 photo P3210196copy_zps383fd985.jpg

 photo P3210197copy_zpscd4d8c20.jpg

 photo P3210199copy_zpsf3f1cce0.jpg





























#the bowl of salad is really really very big!

 photo P3210200copy_zpsc887e68f.jpg

 photo P3210202copy_zps1e62a7c3.jpg

 photo P3210203copy_zpsd170113f.jpg

 photo P3210205copy_zpscd25d296.jpg#we didn’t expect the portion to turn out so big. its too much for two of us~

 photo P3210206copy_zpsce12113d.jpg

 photo P3210207copy_zpsead3531b.jpg

 photo P3210208copy_zps73de9bdf.jpg

 photo P3210209copy_zpsded4e03e.jpg

 photo P3210210copy_zpsd8281918.jpg

 photo P3210212copy_zpsc5094024.jpg
#we shopped a little, the clothes here are slightly more expensive than hongdae, but quality wise, its all worth 🙂
and we saw this little cute lion looking dog. so cute that, I need to snap a photo of it 🙂

 photo P3210213copy_zps2449f8ed.jpg

Tel // (02) 790-1553
Address // 서울 용산구 보광로59길 25홈페이지
Web // http://blog.naver.com/dorikitchen
Subway Station // Itaewon Exit 4

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