Hong Kong: Baby Mon Cher Cafe

Every trip of mine includes a visit to a cafe. I was doing the itinerary for my HK trip and came across this Japanese bakery – Baby Mon Cher which located in the basement of Sogo. Baby Mon Cher is a smaller baby version of the Japan Patisserie Mon Cher, which is also originally from Osaka.

 photo PB012893copy_zps9e5a64ee.jpg photo PB012895copy_zps58c63c4d.jpg
 photo PB012892copy_zpsf5ef12f8.jpg
 photo PB012891copy_zps5782e42d.jpg
 photo PB012890copy_zpsa68d9049.jpg
 photo PB012887copy_zps52e50deb.jpg
 photo PB012886copy_zps06bc5447.jpg
 photo PB012882copy_zps4640d1a1.jpg
 photo PB012881copy_zps3bbcc100.jpg
 photo PB012880copy_zps01c78a6c.jpg
 photo PB012876copy_zpse186df40.jpg
 photo PB012875copy_zps16d6256e.jpg
 photo PB012874copy_zps3abcaff4.jpg
 photo IMG_20141101_112705copy_zpsdb00dab2.jpg

#i didn’t have high expectation on cake that looks pretty, but honestly, its REALLY NICE! :D

Address // B1/F, Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Address // 銅鑼灣軒尼詩道555號崇光百貨B1地庫層



  1. darkfire382

    It’s so pretty! I need to go here. ;-; I wouldn’t be able to eat any of the things there for a while though lol. When something is too cute or pretty I end up just staring at it.

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