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르알래스카 Le Alaska at Garosu-gil

I first found out about Le Alaska because of Minwoo (of Shinhwa). He posted a picture of himself with shaved ice topped on a glass of Americano in his SNS. That drink really look very very interesting that my friend – Cin actually planned to go during one of our crazy trips. But we didn’t, because we didn’t have much time to slot it in.

I didn’t even managed to plan for my 2 trips last year, until this year. Because my friends wasn’t kpop fans, I must make sure its a worth-while bakery before bringing them over. I researched more about the bakery and realise that, it was pretty well-known and its even mentioned in CNN Travel article as one of the best french bakery in Seoul. I guessed it will be a great place to chill and have a lovely chat among us 🙂
 photo IMG_0983 copy_zps592c9sid.jpg

 photo IMG_0984 copy_zps8ltakb6m.jpg

 photo IMG_0985 copy_zpsxjdgjjdx.jpg

Le Alaska that looks very much like a bakery you can easily find in france. The exterior is so pretty that you can’t help to take more photos.

 photo IMG_0987 copy_zpsvwz6zuso.jpg

 photo IMG_0995 copy_zpsnpomq8zp.jpg

 photo IMG_1000 copy_zpsemat6wom.jpg

 photo IMG_0996 copy_zps8mhm37gk.jpg

 photo IMG_1001 copy_zpszgvnem6q.jpg

 photo IMG_0993 copy_zpsh0fwgjeh.jpg

 photo IMG_0988 copy_zpsfywgtg3f.jpg

 photo IMG_0977 copy_zpsakirfkwt.jpg

 photo IMG_0978 copy_zpsowwnsxda.jpg

 photo IMG_0980 copy_zpsffmdpcdn.jpg

 photo IMG_0982 copy_zpsqgnq9igb.jpg

 photo IMG_1005 copy_zpsoffzhxzl.jpg# Banana Chocolate Tart, they doesn’t taste impressively but pretty good 🙂

 photo IMG_1008 copy_zpszacqxfrf.jpg
#THIS IS FREAKING GOOD! The pastry is so crunchy and every single bite make you speechless. There’s only 1 left, and glad we took this! It’s really yummy with some filling that taste similar to Ferrero Rocher. Can I have it now?

 photo IMG_1122 copy_zpstdgjsry3.jpg

 photo IMG_1127 copy_zpsxgdabjxj.jpg
My friend told me that, this is one of their best seller in the outlet. But, it doesn’t quite suit my taste. Jolene loves it though 🙂

 photo IMG_1129 copy_zpssdxsowei.jpg

 photo IMG_1004 copy_zpsqbnlwxe6.jpg
I don’t drink Americano, so I picked a Green Grapes Juice 🙂 I have been coughing non-stop, I think juices will help more than latte :/

 photo IMG_1002 copy_zpsgrcm2guf.jpg
Caffe Latte, that they really love it. Le Alaska is really famous for their coffee and their pastry, so make sure you get something ‘right’ 😀

 photo IMG_1015 copy_zpsxxgyifoj.jpg

 photo IMG-20150401-WA0009 copy_zps6s6zuvad.jpg

Ended a photo with my friends for 12 years! Thanks for being a great travel companions, without complains, and full of praises! 🙂
Did you know, we actually visited Le Alaska again? That’s probably how nice the place is 🙂


르알래스카 Le Alaska
Address: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 550-22
Subway: Sinsa Station Exit 8
Direction: Walked Straight to Garosu-gil street and go all the way to almost end of the street where you will find Forever 21 on your right, turn right at F21, and turn right again at the cross junction. You will found Le Alaska on your left shortly 🙂 It takes about a good 15 minutes if you didn’t get distracted to all the shoppings along the way hehehehehe! :p 

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