Cath Kidston Cafe at Samcheongdong 삼청동

[Travel in March/April 2015]

[!!!] Note, this cafe have already closed. Hope this photos here will bring some memories to people who visited it. Lets also hope, they will re-open somewhere soon :)

Cath Kidston, will be quite a famous brand among girls because of their floral patterns. They are quite popular selling related home furnishings products made with floral prints and polka dots. Even you didn’t heard of it, I’m sure you definitely goes like ‘Oh yeah’ when you see their products. According to wiki, owner of Cath Kinston is a also a author whom publishes several books too! Such a capable woman! :)

Something I love about Korea is their cafe cultures. Their loves for cafe, coffee and cakes and probably some personal times is something I’m really envy of. I wished there’s more of such cafes in Singapore. Cafes are simply plenty in Korea. Definitely theme cafes are more attractive to us, and here, I’m going to Cath’s Cafe which might be a heaven to many girls. It’s really pretty in the interior and exterior. Sometimes, photos doesn’t do justify, and this is one of them :)

 photo IMG_0693 copy_zpsnsb6u97m.jpg photo IMG_0695 copy_zps9xvr9oio.jpg photo IMG_0707 copy_zpslvfr1diz.jpg photo IMG_0706 copy_zpsa4wj88ic.jpg photo IMG_0705 copy_zpsum0txxjo.jpg
#cafe inside out, is decorate with their famous floral prints! Its so pretty and girlish. I’m not quite sure if this cafe interior suits the guys.

 photo IMG_0700 copy_zpsbm90npug.jpg photo IMG_0703 copy_zpselsdvn2k.jpg photo IMG_0702 copy_zpspw7ochl9.jpg photo IMG_0696 copy_zpshfkvjgme.jpg photo IMG_0732 copy_zpsqdwzvzup.jpg
#even toilets are with floral prints. So pretty! 

 photo IMG_0731 copy_zpsbzsy8f5n.jpg photo IMG_0704 copy_zpsvtcz3e2p.jpg
#this is why I love themed cafe. Even menu are designed to suit the entire concept. Floral Prints!!!!

 photo IMG_0698 copy_zpsjlfgqeef.jpg photo IMG_0699 copy_zpsmarhyqfc.jpg photo IMG_0711 copy_zpsogbmsh5b.jpg
#we ordered, green tea latte, black tea latte (as usual, I’m boring I know haha) and Ice tea! Served in Cath Kidston cups! So pretty!

 photo IMG_0719 copy_zpscr2cc9wy.jpg
#this strawberry short cake gonna be the best! I love how soft the cake was, and the strawberries were generous. And, we bought the last one!

 photo IMG_0723 copy_zpsavc1idcm.jpg
#Look at the cup! Its polka dot design! How cute it is!!!!

 photo IMG_0716 copy_zpsncju7vgs.jpg
#I saw this dish from KBS Happy Together Supper Segment where 4 Minutes’ Hyuna did this and make everyone speechless how tasty it gonna be. I’m quite excited to try this dessert because it seems healthy and delicious! Well, overall I love it too! It’s gonna be so simple and easier to prepare :)

 photo IMG_0728 copy_zpsw3p19qoj.jpg photo IMG_0710 copy_zpsgty0wocn.jpg photo IMG_0694 copy_zpsxhcwfdjf.jpg


Cath Kidston Cafe (Cath’s Cafe)
Address: 서울특별시 종로구 화동 138-7 북촌로 5길 43
Address in English: Seoul, Jongro-gu Hwadong 138-7 Bukchon-ro 5gil 43
Hours: 10:30am – 10:00pm
Tel: 02-722-4657
Direction: Anguk Station Exit 1. Walk straight and cross the road, and walk into the beautiful alley beside Deokseong Girls’ Middle & High Schools. Walk Straight all the way, pretty a long walk, till you reach a cross junction (where by you will pass by Street Churros on your right, having Jeongdok Public Library and Tourist Information Centre in front of you at the opposite road at the cross junction) Turn right (without crossing the road) and you will see Cath’s Cafe in awhile! It might takes a good 20mins walk, long but interesting walks with lots of shops!


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